Dont you worry, child

Before I start this, Im not sure about the rating or the category so... *START* Hi im Hayley, my lifes never been normal and it probably never will be, im only 16 but ive had enough already. And im not just saying it. My mum is dead because dad killed her when I was 6 and ive lived in terror ever since for me and Jack (my 12 year old brother), in fear that he would kill us, hes just a drug addict and an addict to abusing me. One day, I'll get out of this hell hole..One day..


1. Chapter 1

My dad launched yet another punch at my mothers face so this time she collapsed to the floor when he kicked her repeatedly in the head. Me, an 8 year old girl, should not be watching this happen.

This was normal for me though. Im used to it. Somehing in the back of my mind tells me I should try and save her but this is all I've ever known, everyone has it, right?

My mother let out one last ear piercing scream and then went limp and her eyes went cold, dead.


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