great adventures of the directions

onedirection got married and had kids. now it's time for their kids to have adventures in their first year of middle school.


1. zaynie's start

                                                    zaynie's p.o.v.


    i woke up with an average start. mom and dad were still sleep and shaley was probably down stairs hogging the corn flakes. i hopped out of bed and put on my bunny slippers. i shuffled out of my room and into the bathroom. when i took a look  into the mirror i didn't see Zaynie the popular or Zaynie the celeb like everyone else did. I saw just plain old Zaynie Malik. i smiled and put on my clothes. when i ran downstairs i discovered my prediction was right. shaley ate all the corn flakes.

     " you are such i pig, shaley," i said. she stuck out her tongue and shoved a spoon full of cereal in her tiny little mouth. i went to grab another box of cereal, but i was interuppted by a cacophoney of sounds upstairs. i raced upstairs, to my twin brother zack's room.

    "what the heck is goin on zackaroni and cheese," i asked with a smile. zack gave me an evil glare. i know he hated it when i called him that. " for your information, i was trying to get the moldy hoagy out of my tuba," he snapped," now get the hell out of my room before i beat you up."

    i walked downstairs and sat on the sofa. i still had 20 minutes before my first day of middle school. i wanted my mom and dad to see me in my new sparkley toms and jumpsuit. i waited for 5 minutes then they came out of their room.

   " hey Daddyyy," i said dragginng the y. daddy picked me up and spun me around like he did when i was a little kid." zayn, you're gonna make her throw up all over her new outfit," my mom complained." sorry,love," my dad said, putting me down.

     my phone started buzzing like crazy. it was a text from darcy.


             hey zaynie, come 2 the bus stop now, i gotta show u somethin.-darcy styles LoLs B)


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