rough love.

ella is madly in love with zayn. she loves him more then anyone could ever understand. but their relationship has some major downs. they fight. a lot. and with zayns violent past that makes things worse


1. the "thing"

the deafening ring of the alarm clock woke me up. i rolled over too see the time.

"ugh its too early to be awake" i muttered then stuffed my pillow over my head, trying to muffle the sound.

"ella can you turn the damn thing off" zayn yelled over the alarm

"well that wass a lovley way to say good morning and its called an alarm not a thing" i replied sarcasticly.

"sorry, but that thing is fucking annyoying" . he reached over me and turned the "thing" off.

"thank you" i said smiling up at him. let me just start out by saying, most pepole in the morning look like a total mess when they wake up. but noooo. not zayn. he looked hot as usual but like extra hot,(if ya know what i mean).

i jumped out od bed and walked over to the bathroom door.

"umm where do you think your going "zayn said with a smirk.

"too pee"

"not until you come here and give me a kiss" he demanded motioning for me to come twoards him.

"but i seriously have to pee" . i jumped around doing that "i gotta use the bathroom dance" we all did when we were like 3.

"your a horrible liar, if you dont come over here, then im gonna have to come to you" he hopped out of bed making his way twoards me. i dashed out of the room running away from him. i almost made it down the steps when i felt his hands pull me back. i squeeled in surprise . he lifted me and i tried to wiggle my way out but that would never work being that im half the size of him.

he pinned me up against the wall, "i thought you needed to use the bathroom"

"well i did but....." i started to explain but he cut me off

"elle, shut up so i can kiss you already" zayn pressed his lips hard against mine. i wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him back passionitly. i felt his hands slide up my waist . his warm touch sent a shiver across my back.

"zaaaaaayn i gotta get ready for uni" i complained

"uni can wait " he looked at me with his drak brown eyes and sent little kisses down my neck. i let out small moans of plesure.

"no uni cant wait," i replied pushing him off of me

he made his little pouty facing hoping that would work on me.

"uggh zayn stop doing that. its not fair" i said covering my eyes laughing

"it always works" he chuckled

"who said it worked, i promise you we will finish where we left off the second i get home"


"i promise, can i go get ready now zayn?"

"'if you must" he said as i walked off


"mhm?" i muttered , now getting a tad bit annoyed that he was maikng me late.

"i love you" he said

ok. not annoyed anymore.

"i love you too".




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