rough love.

ella is madly in love with zayn. she loves him more then anyone could ever understand. but their relationship has some major downs. they fight. a lot. and with zayns violent past that makes things worse


2. drunk

i locked the front door behind me and dropped my bag on the floor.

"im home" i yelled. silence. silence was never good.

"heloo????" i yelled again.

"anyone here? zayn?" i continued, i knew someone had to of been home beacasue the cars where here and the door was unlocked.

i ran upstairs to find zayn slying on the floor holding a bottle of beer.

"great . hes wasted' i thought

li bent down next to him.

"give me the beer" i said sternly holding out my hand.

"get away from me bitch!" he shot back. i was stunned. he never called me that even when he was so drunk he couldnt walk.

"zayn give it to me. you have had plenty to drink" i replied.

h jumped up from the floor wobbling a bit. he looked me in the eye, smirked and threw the bottle across the room.

shit. this is gonna be bad. he grabbed his car keys and made his way twoards the door

"zayn. what the ell. you cant drive. are you insane!!!?" i screamed

"nooooooo.....i am noooot insane" he slurred

"that was a retorical question idiot. your not going anywhere, your staying home till your fully sober" i said grabbing the keys from his hand. he shot me an angry look and cornered me agains the wall,

"i go where i want. when i want. you dont fucking tell me what to do" he whispered in my ear. the stench of alcohal from his breathe made me cringe.

"please, just stay here," i begged

he grabbed my wrist and held them so tight i let out a yelp.

"your not the boss of me" he said then pushed me onto the floor, his body towering over me.

he tried to take my pants off as i  struggled against him

"zayn! stop please. i dont wanna do this get off of me"

"shut the hell up before i slap you"

i was to scared to respond so i just closed my eyes and prayed for him to stop.

"d..ont...move" he muttered . he threw his boxers off and pushed himself inside of me hard.

i whimpered in pain as he thrusted moaning in satisfaction

"STOP' i finally yelledd. he slapped me hard against the cheek. i yelled out in pain, he thrusted harder and faster making me cry out more. i closed my eyes again trying to ignore the pain but i couldnt.  i started to cry, i couldnt contain myself, what was he doing? he was never like this. never

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