Never Let You Go. {Jason McCann}

It's funny how people work. My dad always told me that anyone who gets in your way is fair game. Love, the same way. I wasn't always like this. I only made the bombs, until something happened. I snapped. Nick Stokes promised he wouldn't hurt my brother, Alex. The only person I had left, who actually cared. Everything stopped. I started going mad, using my dads advice. Kill anyone that gets in your way. Timothy's after a girl who I shouldn't be with. Stokes' daughter. The one who killed my brother. He won't stop until he has her, though. Before the building collapsed on us, you know what I thought of? Her.


1. "Maybe Not?"

Jason's POV -


This school is the dumbest school I've ever seen. All of these pesky teens running around acting like idiots. Then there's that dumb ass jock over there. I swear if he ever touches me I'll -

I fell onto the ground with my books going everywhere. My vision went blurry for a second, but when it came back, there was this girl in front of me picking up her things. What the heck? 

"Sorry." she said as she picked up her books and handed me mine.

"It's fine." I said and I walked away.

I would have screamed at her, but I don't feel like getting suspended or I'll have to go back to jail. This whole 'school' thing was so dumb. 

I opened up my locker, shoved everything in and took out my books for chemistry. I slammed my locker shut and started walking. I looked down at my time table. 

"Room 216"  I thought to myself.

That girl I bumped into, her eyes where caramel and her hair was perfectly straight and brown. I like brown haired girls. 

WAIT. WHAT AM I DOING!? Snap out of it Jason, snap out of it. You don't like anyone and nobody likes you. Your a killer.



I walked into class and sat near the back. Class started and I just zoned out for the first 5 minutes. Then the teacher said my name. 

"Jason, would you like to introduce yourself?" she said.

Hell, no I would not. I just shook my head no and looked away. I saw this really pretty girl sitting next to me looking out the window. She was wearing a white sweater and short shorts. God, she had a nice ass. When she turned around I realized that she was the girl I bumped into. I did it again.


I shook my head and slammed it down on the table leaving it there. I mean yeah, she was pretty, but I'm a killer. Everyone is afraid of me, and they should be. Everybody here is a jackass. The bell rang and I got up as fast as I could and left the class.

I walked to my locker in a hurry and shoved everything in. I looked down at my time table. Study Hall. Finally, a class where I didn't have to be bothered by nasty perverts. 

I walked into the study hall room and sat down in the back. Then one of those nasty jocks came in, sitting right next to me.

Everyone else came into the class, and the bell rang. I started doing my chemistry homework, but then I was interrupted by a girl panting and sitting in front of me. Wait....

IT WAS HER AGAIN! Is she following me?

Whatever, I just want to finish this so I can bomb a building after school. Not something you would hear everyday, hm? AGAIN, I was interrupted by a paper ball hitting me head on.

I looked over and saw the jock laughing with his friends like it was funny. I'll show him whats funny.

"Wow, you really hurt me." I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Was that sarcasm?" he said.

"That's what she said." I said smirking. Dang, I was pretty good at this stuff.(;

"That's it." he said standing up in front of me. Hes lucky that the teacher is getting something to eat.

"She said that too." I said while standing up. He touches me, he's going to get a black eye.

He rose his hand up and almost hit me in the face. I grabbed his fist and bent it back. 

"JASON, STOP!" I heard a voice from behind me. Jesus, its her again. 

I let go of his hand as soon as the teacher came in. 


I'm pretty sure I handled that well. Now I know what her name is.


It was around the end of 4th period when all 3 of us where walking back to class. 

Mike gave me death stares, and Jasmine only tried to help him. 

"Are you sure you're okay Mike!?" she said. God, she's pretty, but annoying.

"Shoot me now." I mumbled to myself.

"Excuse Me?" Jasmine said. Oh, my lucky day. She heard me.

"You heard me." I said rolling my eyes.

"Shut up!" She said. She's cute when she's mad(;

"You shut up!" I said. 

We both stuck our tongues out at each other and walked separate ways. 

Now I only have to get through the rest of the day.

Kill me now, please.

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