You never know!

Bethany never thought she had any family. When her parents die she looses all hope of finding a family, but when a social worker looks through her family tree she finds something VERY unexpected.


2. Tracey





She Is IMPOSSIBLE! Will she not listen to ANYTHING i say!?!?!?! 

"Please Bethany at least TRY to listen?!?" I reasoned. "Fine!" Bethany shouted, "what have you got to say...Miss Holghorn?" 

She always said that last bit as if she couldn't bear to! "Well...Miss Evesham, I have found you a relative!!!" I exclaimed, "aaaaggghhhh!" Bethany screamed, me and her started jumping up and down holding hands...then we realised what we were doing and seperated. "Did we just act happy together?!?" Bethany asked..."oh I think we did!" I laughed. She looked at me, shocked and excited, "so what relative did you find me?!?" She asked. "Um...there's no way to say this easily but I found a boy, your age...who is your brother!" I said, quickly...just so she wouldn't take it out on me.

"WHAT!!!???!!!" She screamed, "HOW?!? WHO?!? WHERE?!?! WHEN?!?" Oh I knew this was going to happen! How do I tell her? I don't want to be the one to tell her! I have to though. "He is your twin brother, when you were born your Mum and Dad gave him away to a woman...a friend of theirs...because they couldn't cope with two of you..." I explained, "I'm sorry i thought your parents would have told you...I don't think anyone told him either." "How did you work that out?" Bethany asked. "Well I thought if he knew he would of come looking for you." I admitted. I felt bad for saying that but I had to. "Have you contacted him yet? Who is he? What's his name? How old is he?"

"WOW that's A LOT of questions!" I exclaimed, " um here, i haven't contacted him, he is....Louis Tomlinson. He's 17." There i said it. Oh the look on her face she didnt look happy, "you look quite like him actually!" I said, trying to calm her down. "Do we?!?!?!" Bethany asked me, "do we really look similar?" I looked at her, then at a picture on Amber's side of the room of Louis. "Yes quite a lot actually!" 




I couldn't believe it! Oh I was gonna rub this in Amber's face! Me and Louis Tomlinson were Brother and Sister!!! Oh and she LOVES HIM! Yay!!!! "Oh my god...YAY!!!" I shouted, "wait! What if he doesn't want to have me!" Oh what happens then?!?!? I don't want to be alone again! "Never mind that for now." Tracey told me, "for now just relax and enjoy having a super star as a brother." 





What are they talking about in there? Im gonna find out...NOW...Tracey is leaving!!!




YES! Amber's coming in! Time to rub it in her face! "Hey Amber what do you want?" I ask her. "Oh, nothing," she said, " just wondering if your ok!" Why is she being nice to me? Something's definatly up! "Yeah im fine! Why wouldn't I be?" I said, curiously. "Oh jus because your usually crying after Tracey's visits." She said very matter of factly. "We'll sorry to disappoint you," I laughed, "but I found out the most wonderful news!!!"she looked shocked...VERY shocked! Yeeeesssssss! 




What could the news be? Will she tell me? She keeps looking at my Louis Tomlinson picture...could she have been given tickets to their latest consert? "Can I know the news?" I ask her. He looked up from the book she was reading, wait...that's my one direction annual!! "Hey how come your reading my book!?!" Bethany looked amused. "Im reading up about Louis," she explained. "How come?!?" I asked. "Because he's my brother!" She said. Wait WHAT??!?! I don't believe that!! "Really?!?! I mean your 14?!? He's 17!" I shouted. "Yeah I know!" She tells me!




Oh I loved her looking so shocked! "Yeah he's my brother! According to Tracey we look really similar the only thing different between us is that he has got blue-ish grey-ish eyes and ive got green eyes!" I told her. She looked really pale by this point and i got worried. "Amber are you ok?!?!?" I asked, then she fainted. "Oh my god are you ok?!!!!" I said trying to wake her up, "oh my god!" I knew I had to get help so i ran outside our room and i literally screamed! "Help! Someone please help me!!!!" 

I heard people running "help! Please someone help!" I screamed. Someone came running. It was the head of our home, Lucy Brakes. "What's wrong Beth?" She asked me, "Amber fainted! I tried waking her up but its not working!" I shouted, i forgot she was still beside me. "It's alright Beth. You keep an eye on her and I'll get the nurse!" She shouted as she ran down the hall.

i went back inside my room and put Amber in the recovery position then sat down and watched her, she started hyperventilating so i went to the nearest bathroom and soaked a flannel in cold water and put it on her head. After a while by the time her fever stopped Lucy came with the nurse and wait why was Tracey here?!?! Well I went in to the quiet room with Tracey.




Oh I can't wait to tell her! Yay! "Beth? Guess what!" I laughed. "What?!?" She laughed. "I got in contact with Louis!!! He said he wants you to live with him!!!" I shouted.

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