You never know!

Bethany never thought she had any family. When her parents die she looses all hope of finding a family, but when a social worker looks through her family tree she finds something VERY unexpected.


11. Should we?



Bethany is amazing and i can't wait to tell the guys we're going out but I hope Lou doesn't freak out....




So me and Lou are in his room. "Lou?" I asked. "Yeah babe?" He muttered, "I think that was the best time I have ever had!" I told him. Last night we went to a club then me and Lou came back and fell asleep but today we did it, and I mean we DID IT. But we took precautions, of course. I think something's up though because i can hear Bethany screaming. "Lou?" I said. "Yeah babe?" He asked..."can you hear that?" I asked him. He paused and heard someone screaming and he sat up, "yeah, " he said, "is that Bethany?" I looked at him trying to say no, "I think so..."I told him. He looked scared and angry at the same time. "Oh hell." He said as he stood up and quickly got changed, i got changed as well and walked, well ran towards the garden where we found everyone in a group smiling their heads off. "What? Come on guys what is it?!?" I asked cheekily. Lou ran forward to talk to Zayn to see what happened and after Zayn whispered something in his ear he literally SCREAMED! "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" He screamed (as you know). "SERIOUSLY LOUIS AND OTHER IDIOTS!!!" I shouted, "WHAT is going on?!?!?!?!?" Louis looked shaky but happy so he can over to me "Niall asked Bethany out and she said yes..." He told me quietly. "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! That's amazing!!!!!!" I screamed, i gave Bethany a HUGE hug and told her to spill the details later. "You got it!" She whispered back, then when I backed off Niall looked at me grinning his head off expecting a hug so i have him one but as he was about to pull out i whispered to him so only he could hear, "if you ever hurt her i will hurt you Niall." I know it was harsh but he nodded understanding then he pulled out of the hug and put his arm around Bethany's waist. "So....Lou....are you ok with this?" Niall asked him. Lou looked at me then looked Bethany and we both nodded but he saw the determination in my eyes about Niall and said, "yeah of course im so happy for you! But I don't understand you hardly know each other wouldn't it be better to get to know each other first?" He asked. Niall and Bethany looked at eachother and smiled, "that's what i said to Niall!" She exclaimed, "I excepted him asking for me to go out with him but I told him no funny business until we know each other better!" Me and the boys burst out laughing when she said 'funny business' she looked at us shocked, well mainly at me and shouted "TRINITY!!!" This just made me laugh even more, "sooooooooory Beth!!!" I laughed even louder.




"you're supposed to be on my side!" I laughed as me and trinity had breakfast. "I know!" Trinity said winking. I laughed again....I think im going to like it here...

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