You never know!

Bethany never thought she had any family. When her parents die she looses all hope of finding a family, but when a social worker looks through her family tree she finds something VERY unexpected.


5. Niall, Zayn, Harry and Liam!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox



i really do recognise the necklace Bethany is wearing. She's sleeping...I didnt think it would take this long to get to the holiday house. Trinity is sleeping aswell, man she looks so beautiful when she's sleeping! So does Bethany.......YES!!! I can see the holiday house! Time to wake them up...mwahahahahahahaha!!! I shall turn the music up at full volume! I turned on Kiss FM an turned it up 100%. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They screamed, oh I love this song!!!! Dont you worry child by Swedish house mafia! Oh it was just ending and guess what came on? What makes you beautiful....and my wake up plan backfired.




"YOU DONT KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! OH OH, THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!!! " me and Trinity sang at the end at the top of our voices. Just as we pulled up to the Holiday house aswell!!!!! I saw Niall look out of the window....I ducked, i couldn't go and let him see me before I had changed!!!! "Um...Louis?" I asked...."yeah Beth? Wait is it ok I call you Beth?!?" He said panicking. "Yes it's ok Lou! Um is there a back entrance so the boys won't see me?!?" I asked him. Trinity looked round and smirked at me, I had told her that I liked Niall. "Yeah why?" Lou told me. "I have an idea and also I kind need to change." I said hurriedly. I was dressed in and old baggy t-shirt and old ripped jeans. "It's just to change my top though!" I said hurriedly...again. "Yeah sure I'll distract the boys and Trinity will show you the way!" He exclaimed as he got out the car. He rang the door bell and i saw Niall, Liam, the brown haired one and the dark haired one...I didnt know their names cos im not a proper directioner. I only knew Niall and Liam and Lou! Well anyway Trinity and me snuck out the car and hid behing a giant bush then she sprinted to the massive willow tree further in front. It was right next to a HUGE pond that had a few ducks and ducklings in and some fish and tadpoles!!! Then Trinity ran again.




i didn't understand why Bethany wanted to change....she looked fine, her tight skinny jeans looked amazing ripped and her old baggy top made her look original, her hair was a mess which looked good and she had NO make up on! She looked amazing! Well we had past the willow tree on the way to the back and had past the next bush then we got to the back. "Are you sure you wanna change you look AMAZING!!!!" She looked doubtful. "Um do I?" She asked. "YEAH!!! If you wanted you could just put some make up on but you look beautiful!" I assured her. "Ok mabye i will just go in then! I've got my plan remember!" She said as she ran in.




my plan is......ok. Basically when the boys are at the door im planning to sit in the living room where I saw the dark haired one sat and when they came in i would act really casual and just flick through TV channels! Well im doing it...right now!! 

The boys walked in and oh my god did they look at me funny!!! "Hello?" The dark haired one said. "Hey boys!" I said to them. "They ignored me for a bit and say down but there wasn't enough seats so i let the dark haired one sit then sat on his lap. Then Lou cam in and when he saw me he was about to say something but the boys weren't looking so i put my fingers to my lips. He just sat down and acted natural. "So......what's your name then?" The brown haired one said. "Bethany!" I said, a bit too loudly. "How old are you?" The dark haired one asked. "15!" I said again. I was Niall's and Liam's age. Lou was 17 and the dark haired one was 16 and the brown haired one was 14. 


-AN- remember I have set this in the past at younger ages so just remember it ISN'T accurate!!!


"Cool!" The brown haired one exclaimed, i didn't know much about him but I knew he was a player so i sat further away on the dark haired ones lap. "Ok, you know my name but instead of knowing yours im gonna give you nicknames ok?" I said quite cheerfully aswell! "Yeah!!!!!!!!!" They all exclaimed. "Right you!" I said pointing to the brown haired one, " you can be player!" I shouted then everyone burst out laughing. "YOU!!!" I said in the direction of the dark haired one, " you can be......MOTOR!!!" I shouted...the boys laughed again. "HIM!" Trinity shouted pointing at Liam. "Ok you can be.......Daddy!!!" I said, they laughed again but saying 'daddy' kinda hurt but i quickly covered my expression. "Yoouuu can be guitar!" I told Niall, this time everyone just agreed no laughing! "HEY! What about me!!!" Lou exclaimed exitedly! "Um your Bro and you..." I said pointing at Trinity, "can be Truth!" That's it the names were sorted! "Ok but to make sure we will tell you our real names ok?" The dark haired one said...I know I love Niall but he kinda made me shiver when he talked..."yeah sure!" I told him. "Right well im Zayn." He told me.


*AN* i am no longer doing a gf for Zayn!!! 

"Im Harry!" The brown haired one said. "Im Liam!" Daddy said. "Im Niall!" Guitar said, in his cool, sexy, seducing Irish accent.              WAIT!!! Im going off track! " m Trinity!" Truth said, "And im Louis!" Bro shouted. "We'll I know who you are Lou!" I shouted back. Then all the boys sat there staring..."HOW?!?" They said in unison. "Because he's my brother!" I screamed. I ran to Louis and hugged him tightly...he picked me up and spun me then! Then a girl walked in. She said, "Hi im looking for Harry?" Then we all faced to thren him and he went bright red.

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