You never know!

Bethany never thought she had any family. When her parents die she looses all hope of finding a family, but when a social worker looks through her family tree she finds something VERY unexpected.


3. Introduce me?



"WHAT?!?!" I shout,"I'VE GOT TO GO TELL AMBER!" 

"What your friends now?" Tracey asks me. Weeeeeeelllll, I don't know about friends but i do know im gonna go live with 'the love of her life'! "Ummm yeah!" I say, as if its obvious. "Oh! Ok!" Tracey shouts, just as im walking down to my room. Once I get to my room, Amber was awake just taking some medicine, she sees me and starts shouting, "YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR! SOMEONELIKE LOUIS WOULD NEVER BE RELATED TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU!" I just take it in my stride. "Oh? Ok so what is someone like me?" I asked her, "IT'S A ROTTEN PARENTLESS CHILD WHO IS A STINKY TRAMP! As if he's your brother! You don't even have the same sur-name!!!" She shouted again,"Evesham! Not Tomlinson!" I find this quite funny because my real sur-name IS Tomlinson its just people took the mick out of me about it saying i changed it so it would look like i was someone special so when I came into care i asked the social workers and head care worker to tell the other kids my name was Bethany Evesham. "Yeah whatever Amber. Anyway I only came to tell you Tracey, yes Tracey my SOCIAL WORKER! Has now told me that she got in contact with Louis and he's agreed to let me live with him! So i was here to say SEE YA!" As I shouted the last part i ran out the room to talk to Tracey and I heard Amber scream.




So im here...with the nurse, Suzy and our head care worker, Lily and Bethany comes running in and says shes gonna go live with LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I shouted, with frustration. "Now calm down honey,"Suzy says softly,"your gonna hurt your head and faint again with that racket!" I like Suzy. She understands how I feel. She was a care kid too. "Now I would of thought you would be more excited than angry about this Amber!" Lily laughs. "How do you mean?" I ask. "You mean, WHAT do you mean!" Suzy interrupted. "I mean that if you were being kind and supportive to Bethany she might introduce you to him!" Lily explained. Oh....I never thought about that. I told Suzy and Lilly i was fine then, so I could plan.




Oh it was great hearing Amber scream but i kinda felt sorry for her. I mean im going away to live with someone! Also he's one of 1D!!! I think I'll make it up to her, im gonna get him to give her am autograph!




ive come up with a plan. Im going to be nice to Bethany, but I mean SUPER nice, im gonna be so nice she'll  do ANYTHING for me to leave her alone! And maybe that something will be me getting introduced to Louis!!!




(sorry for this short chapter! I've kinda got writers block:/) 

im holding a competition for who can be Louis, zayns and Harry's gf's!!!!! Just favourite the fan fic, comment your name, favourite colour, age, hair and eye colour and favourite thing to wear! Them you can be in the next chapter! By the way not doing Liam OR Niall!!! Thanks for everyone's help!

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