You never know!

Bethany never thought she had any family. When her parents die she looses all hope of finding a family, but when a social worker looks through her family tree she finds something VERY unexpected.


4. Heeeeey! x


Hey I've chosen my people! But I've only got Louis gf and Harry's gf so pleeeeaaaasssseee anyone audition for the other part! It's just Zayns left!




I couldn't believe how many times i have met Louis already! I've met up with him a lot and he said hes almost finished the paper work then i can live with him! He's got a girl friend but hasn't made it public yet and her name is Trinity! She's AMAZINGLY PRETTY!!!!!!! She has blue-ish green-ish eyes and dark brown hair and last time i saw her she had a LUSH black hat on, skinny jeans and a purple/blue tank top on! But I havnt met any of the other boys because Louis wants it to be a suprise!!! Oh I can't wait!!! Im going TODAY!!! Yay!




I wonder what she's thinking about...Bethany's been humming to her self all day. She's to happy for my liking. "What you happy about tramp?!?" I wondered. "Oh nothing!" She exclaimed. "Really? You seem really happy!" I said, acting innocent. "Oh im just thinking about what I should wear tonight!" She told me, "oh and I have to pack soon!" She said getting up. God i knew she was leaving but its annoying that its with Louis! "Your soooo lucky that Louis Tomlinson is related to you!" I said, wait did i just think out loud? "Yeah but if YOU were related to him you couldn't have a chance with him!" She exclaimed! Wait......she has a point...




I think im starting to be nice to Amber....eerrrrrrrrrrr! I guess it's because im happy!  Louis coming in 15 minutes!!!!!! Trinity is coming with him aswell which is quite cool. Me and her are like BFF'S! Right now before I pack I always say a list...but it's to do with my life.

1. I am 15

2. My parents are dead

3. My long lost brother is Louis Tomlinson

4. He is pickin me up in 13 minutes

5. Trinity is my BFF

Five is all i can think of though....that shows how much is in my life.

right now ive got 10 minutes to pack.


10 minutes later-------


thats it all packed...and at the bottom of my one bag is m bear and my necklace. My bear was given to me by my mother and my necklace my dad gave me. It's half a heart and when I got it my dad had it inscribed it said - No matter what we will be here  love mum and dad - and on the other side it had my name inscribed and it said - I will always be there for you love L xox - . It's just a simple heart on a chain though! Oh.....wait this day is important....I should wear it. I got it!!!! Wait whats the time? Um.....oh my gosh!!!  He's here!!!




He's here....I can tell.....Bethany just ran out the room downstairs! "LOUIS!!!" She screamed.




"LOUIS!!!!" I screamed, "BETHANY!!!" He screamed imitating me like always. "Oh my gosh i can't actually believe i get to live with you!!!" I exclaimed. "Yeah about that..." He said...oh no now what?!?!? "Your not going to be living with me." He said. Wait what?!?!? "You will be on your with me!!!! We are going to AMERICA!!!" He shouted! "OH MY GOD!!!" I screamed, "Trinity did you know that?!?!" "Well DUH!!!" She shouted! "OH MY GOD!!!" I screamed again.




"Wait a second!" Bethany said, she ran off upstairs...she had a necklace on....I recognise it...

"im back!" She shouted as she ran through the door, "Louis???????????" "Yeah little sis?" I asked. "Any chance you can give Amber and autograph?" She asked. "Yeah sure!" I said giving Amber my award winning smile.




AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im getting an autograph off Louis Tomlinson!!!!




"Oh boy..." I muttered, I hate Amber. "Yes?!?" Amber asked irritated,"who are YOU?!?!?" She said that last part quite.....spitefully. Louis finished her autograph and gave it to her, " This is Trinity shes my girlfriend." Aaaaaagggghhhh! He's officialy told someone other than the boys and Bethany! "Aaaaggghhhh babe!!!" I shouted! I ran up to him and jumped, i put my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly! Then kissed him passionately! I can't believe he did that!

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