You never know!

Bethany never thought she had any family. When her parents die she looses all hope of finding a family, but when a social worker looks through her family tree she finds something VERY unexpected.


6. Hannah!



"Hi im looking for Harry?" I asked then all te people in the room turned to state at Harry...he went red.....

why? Is he ASHAMED that he's going out with me?!?! "Harry?!?!?!" I said, quite irritated now. "Yes?!?!" He said i in the same tone. "Nevermind...." I said as i walked out the door. Why didnt he talk to me? Does he even love me? I think about all these things as i sprint out of their house and start to cry. I hear voices shouting and footsteps after me. I turn around at the gate and hope to see Harry but instead I see two girls. "Hey, would you like to come to the back garden?" The tall one said.




"Harry?!?!?!" Hannah said...angrily. "Yes?!?!" I said back to her, I know I was being harsh but she shouldn't of turned up! Not NOW!!!!! "Nevermind...." She said as she walked out the door. Oh god what did i do!?!?!? I saw her stop at the entrance and think something in her head, then she sprinted off down the yard. Bethany and Trinity had a huge go at me then ran off to get her, and if that wasnt bad enough the boys turned on me aswell and started shouting at me!!! The last thing i heard before i went to my room was Trinity asking Hammah if she wanted to come back to the garden....




I CAN'T believe Harry acted like that!!! I swear if i was going out with him i would slap him SO hard!!!!




"Harry you are SUCH an IDIOT!!!" Me and Trinity shouted simultaneously. We are so insincere some times!!! But yeah we ran off to find the girl and Trinity asked her to come back to the garden and she did! Lucky us!!!




"yes?" I said to them. "Don't worry we won't say anything to the boys!" The other one said hurriedly. "O, o, ok" i said kind of stuttering, I do that when im nervous. So we sat down on the benches (me and the tall one) while the other one sat on the tree swing. "So what's your name? Im Trinity!" The tall one said to me. "Im Hannah!" I said back. Trinity nodded at the other girl now as if to say it was alright. "Im Bethany!" She said to me, "nice to meet you!" How could anyone bed so cheerful?!?! But anyways whats the point in asking questions like that when you've got explanations? I knew what my explanation was........exitment + sugar = CHEERFUL/HYPER but apparently I said this put load and i had a huge shout from the girls...I think. "HANNAH!!!!!" The someone shouted.           Then, and only then unfortunay was when i woke up.

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