You never know!

Bethany never thought she had any family. When her parents die she looses all hope of finding a family, but when a social worker looks through her family tree she finds something VERY unexpected.


7. Are you ok?!?



OH MY GOD!!! "HANNAH!!!" I screamed. I don't know what happened she had just said, "Exitment + Sugar = CHEERFUL/HYPER." Then she collapsed!!! 




"Oh my GOSH!" I shouted. Is she ok? Wait why am i asking myself? I know first aid! Well you have to when your with Lou. "Get her in the recovery position NOW!" I told the guys. I ran into the kitchen and found a cold bottle of water in the fridge. Once I got back i the living room i got into action. "Hannah, Hannah can you here me?" I said to her, "Hannah if you can here me tap your left index finger twice ok?" She tapped her left index finger twice, she was conscious. "Right Hannah you've got to try and breath slowly but carefully ok?" I told her. She replied by breathing just as I had said. "Alright, Hannah do you think your well enough to sit up?" I asked her. She nodded so i got the boots to hold her as she sat up and drink some of the water i got her. "Do you know what happened Hannah?" Bethany asked hurriedly. Hannah looked scared, I had no idea why. "No," she hoarsely croaked,"it's happened a lot recently..." Harry looked terrified. 




happened recently??? I wonder how bad it could's probably nothing, right? "Harry are you ok?" I asked him. He looked at me, and continued to stare at me for a whole minute. "Yeah...I....I'm fine...Bethany." He said, he was staring at me strangely. "What???" I asked suspiciously. "It''s nothing  you just look...different." He said. "Oh!" I said blushing, Niall stared at Harry, eyes blazing as if they were on fire. So did the rest of the boys.




I don't know why but I felt jealous, just when he said that it made me feel amazingly jealous. "Harry?" I asked, he turned his attention back to me. "Yeah?" He asked anxiously. "Do you love me?" I asked him with pleading eyes. He looked shocked. "Of course i do?!?!?!!" He well almost shouted. Im not so sure he does anymore though. "Look are you well enough to move about now i need to show you something." He said quickly. "Ok but what is it?" I asked. He smiled, "you've gotta wait and see." 

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