You never know!

Bethany never thought she had any family. When her parents die she looses all hope of finding a family, but when a social worker looks through her family tree she finds something VERY unexpected.


10. AMBER!!!



"AMBER!!!" I screamed, "WHAT are you doing here!!!???" She looked at me..."nice to see you too bethany!" She said, "I came to see how you were doing!" Wait I don't believe her. "Why didnt you come through the front door? How did you know I was here?" I asked. "Um....." She said. "Look amber get out. I don't like you you've never like me you just want to meet the boys get out!" I told her.




i burst through the door and bethany screamed "AMBER!!!" So im guessing that she knew the girl but she was a bit harsh to her. I can understand why though. A girl turns up to your new home, and no ones supposed to know you're there, you've never been friends and shes coming to see how you are?!?! Anyone would be freaked out!!!




that ungrateful _____!!!!!!! I came to see her!!! Well..see her brother and her friends. But you can't BLAME me they're famous!!! "Excuse me?!?!" I shouted. "GET OUT!!!" She shouted at me, "I came to live with my brother to get AWAY from the care home and people like you!!!" Rude! "You aren't gonna let her talk to me like that are you?!?" I asked looking at Niall. He looked so innocent! He went and put his arm around Bethany though. "I'm only going to stand by Bethany." He said. Bethany looked up at him and looked deep into his eyes, he did the same to her and they were about to kiss when Zayn walked in. "Ohhhhhh! Go on Niall!!!" He shouted. "Hey" i said seductivly. "Hi?" He said looking puzzled, "Bethany i heard shouting whats up?"

"Nothing just a girl tried to break in and she won't leave." She said.




Yeah Bethany looked hot, even in Nialls clothes. The only thing that hurt me is that I walked in on her about to kiss Niall. "Right you!" I said pointing at the other girl, "come with me." As I walked away. "Yes sir!" She said as she giggled. Right shes leaving right now im gonna make her. "Well sweetie come with me" I said, "and come through this door...and bye!" I yield as she walked through the front door. I slammed it right after she walked through it. 




"Woooooooooo! Way to go Zayn!!!" I shouted as i ran up to him and have him a massive great hug, "oh I love you!!!" Niall looked jealous. I turned around and realised that i didnt have a top actually ON. I was just holding a top over my girly parts. "Oh god!" I said going crimson, "boys turn around." They did so i quickly put the top on. "Um im going to my bedroom, show me where it is Niall?" He smiled at me, "yeah of course Beth!" He replied. So I followed him upstairs until he stopped and said, "oh I hope you don't mind but we're sharing the room and we're kind of having to share the bed..." 

OMG!!!!!! This is the BEST!!! "Yeah that's..." I said as i looked at him, " that's...perfect..." He smiled while studying my face. "Do you really mean that?" He asked me. "Most definatly mr Horan" I said in an old English accent. "Haha!" He laughed while tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. "I think I love you" he told me. "Think?" I asked. "Yeah.."he smiled awkwardly, "I know this sounds cheesy but i want to get to know you better..." 

"Alright deal. So sir shall we organise a date?" I ask. "Yes madam i think we should." He said as he smiled and kissed me.

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