It's only getting better (a Niall Horan FanFic)

Ellie Gonzales is an 18 years old girl. She was an innocent and happy girl but that was before she met the famous Harry Styles. He always tried to get in her pants so she gave him her virginity cause she thought he really loved her. But after that he left her for another girl so she tried to suicide. And if you noticed I sais "tried". So who saved her? And what happened after that? Read to know.


5. The joke

Ellie's POV:

Me: You know what, let's watch "Abduction".

Harry: Not bad. What do you think guys?

Niall, Zayn and Liam: Yeah sure.

Harry: What about you BooBear?

Louis: No I want to watch Scream.

And then he crossed his arms and sulked.

Me: Come on Louis, please!

Louis: No!

I got up and sat next to him. I whispered in his ear:

Me: I promise you I'll buy lots and lots of carrots.

Louis: You will?

Me: Yes I will.

Louis: I like this girl. Ok let's watch Abduction.

Harry: What did you said to him Ellie?

Me: You're still young to know about those things.

Then I sat laughing.

Harry: What is that suppose to mean?

Niall: Mate It's none of your business.

Harry: Not nice. I'm not gonna talk to anyone of you.

Liam: Harry stop acting like a baby.

Me: A baby is more mature then him.

Harry: Repeat what you just said.

Me: You heard me Styles.

Harry: You're dead Gonzales.

He had a smirk on his face.

Me: Oh no you're not.

Harry: Wanna bet?

I got up and started running and Harry was behind me.

Me: Come on Harry I'm begging you, please.

Harry: You're gonna pay the cost little girl.

I stopped and turned to face him.

Me Little girl?

Harry: Oh my god. I shouldn't say that.

Me: No you shouldn't.

He stepped back and I took step forward . He started running towards the door and I was right behind him. We were in the garden and I saw that they have a pool. Oh he's gonna see what a "little girl" can do. I pushed him in the pool and started to laugh really hard. All of sudden I felt myself being pulled down. Oh no he's not. I felt cold water touching my feet and then I was under the water. I couldn't breath so I tried to get to the surface but he was pulling me down. I gave him a hit and then got out of the water breathless.

Me: Harry are you trying to kill me?

I looked at the water but no Harry. Oh my god. I jumped in the water and searched for him. He was in the bottom unconscious. Seems like I hit him really hard. I pulled him out and I was freaking out. The guys got out and looked at me then to Harry and their eyes widened. They ran towards us and I started to cry. The guys were asking me what happened but I couldn't talk. Suddenly Harry oppened his and started laughing. I'm gonna kill him. The guys were laughing too while I was sitting there feeling stupid. The tears were still streaming down my face so Harry took me in his arms.

Harry: I'm sorry.

Me: You're an asshole. I thought I killed you or something.

Harry: I'm sorry. Your hit was strong.

Me: I hit you because I couldn't breath and you were pulling me down.

Harry: Sorry love.

Me: Let's get in I'm cold.

Niall: Here's a towel.

Then he put it on my shoulders. I was still shaking so I asked him for hug that he gave me.

Liam: Come on you two get in the house before you get sick.

We got in the house and I took a shower. Harry took one as well. We decided to start watching the movie and I felt asleep in the middle of it on Niall's lap.

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