It's only getting better (a Niall Horan FanFic)

Ellie Gonzales is an 18 years old girl. She was an innocent and happy girl but that was before she met the famous Harry Styles. He always tried to get in her pants so she gave him her virginity cause she thought he really loved her. But after that he left her for another girl so she tried to suicide. And if you noticed I sais "tried". So who saved her? And what happened after that? Read to know.


2. The fight

We got to the house and I was shaking. This time not because I'm cold but because I'm nervous. Niall took my arm and walked beside me to the door. He oppened it and a guy with brown hair and brown eyes. Liam.

Liam: You're late.

Niall: I had some problems.

Then Liam looked at me, smiled and said:

Liam:  Who is this young lady?

Niall: Oh that's Ellie.

Liam: Nice to meet you.

Me: Nice to meet you too.

Then he gave me a warm smile that I turned back.

Niall: Ellie make your self comfortable.

Anf he smiled to me. I smiled back and responded.

Me: Thank you.

He led me to the living room where I found two young men. Louis and Zayn. They greeted Niall then started to llok at me. I was really uncomfortable.

Niall: Guys this is Ellie.

Louis and Zayn: Hey Ellie, nice to met you.

Me: Nice to meet you too.

They smiled to me and I smiled back. God too much smiling in one day. I sat down on the coutch and I felt my phone vibrate. It was Abby, my best friend.

Me: Hello?

Abby: Where the hell are you? I called your mum and she sais you got out of the house crying.

Me: Hey you too, I'm good how are you?

I said sarcastically.

Abby: Haha so funny. Now where are you?

Me: Sorry I'm not aloud to say.

Abby: Don't tell me that you're with a guy hooking up.

Me: Oh my god are you serious? You're insane.

Abby: Well anyway, you're okay?

Me: I'm fine don't worry.

Abby: When you get home call me.

Me: Okay bye honey.

Abby: See ya babe.

And then I hung up. The guys were looking at me. I felt my cheeks burning.

Me: What? Why are you looking at me that way?

Niall: Nothing.

And then he smiled. There was an awkward silence but Louis broke it.

Louis: Niall I thought you didn't know anyone ecxept us in here.

Niall looked at me and said.

Niall: Well It's a long story.

Zayn: We are ready to hear it.

Niall's POV:

I didn't know If I should tell them or not. I mean It's her story not mine. I looked at her and she gave me a worried look. It means that she don't want me to tell them. The bell rang and I was really happy cause It did or I will be still there, my mouth opened and not knowing what to say.

Niall: I'm gonna get that.

Ellie's POV:

Thank god. I've been saved. Niall got up to open the door. I heard a voice that was really familiar. Oh no. Harry. I looked to the entrance and saw him standing there. When he saw me his jaw dropped and anger started to form in his eyes.

Harry: What is she doing here?

Niall: Do you know each other?

The tears started to form in my eyes, and I said:

Me: I present you the cause of my depression.

Niall: Wait, what?

Liam: What are you talking about? I don't understand.

Zayn: Me neither.

Louis: I don't under stand too.

The tears started to fall again.

Me: Let me have the honor to explain to you. Harry and I were daiting but no one knew about that. Our relationship was secret. He was telling me he loves me and shit like that just to fuck me. And when he did, he left with another one.

Harry: You're the one who cheated on me first.

Me: Excuse me?

Harry: Yes. You was seeing Eric behind my back.

Me: I haven't seen Eric since we started dating. I actually haven't seen or talked to any guy since we started dating.

Harry: Then how do you explain the picturs that Tammara showed me?

Me: Are you blind? Tammara lways fancied you, so she would of done anything totear us apart. And I still why did you tell her about our relationship.

Harry: You still didn't answer my question.

Me: Those fucking picturs are old. She took thm when Eric and I were dating.

Harry: Proove It.

Me: Eric is dating another girl. He's dating Alex.

Harry: Oh yeah, and why should I believe you?

Me: look.

I got my phone out and showed him a pictur of Eric and Alex kissing.

Harry: Oh my god you're right.

Me: Don't you think it's too late to say that?

After those words I got out of that house and ran to god knows where.

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