It's only getting better (a Niall Horan FanFic)

Ellie Gonzales is an 18 years old girl. She was an innocent and happy girl but that was before she met the famous Harry Styles. He always tried to get in her pants so she gave him her virginity cause she thought he really loved her. But after that he left her for another girl so she tried to suicide. And if you noticed I sais "tried". So who saved her? And what happened after that? Read to know.


8. Meeting a bitch: Not on my list

Abby's POV:

Oh my god oh my god oh my god, I'm gonna meet One Direction! This is seriously the best day of my life. Right now we're swimming in Ellie's wardrobe. She finally decided to wear jeans shorts and a hot red top with red hight heels. She looks breath taking. Me, I wore a white dress with black hight heels. I actually look cute too. We put some make up and fixed our hair and we were ready. Ellie called the guys and apparently they're gonna come to pick us up in about...5 minutes. We sat on the couch and turned the TV on when suddenly we heard the doorbell. It must be them. Ellie opened the door and, yes it was them. We got in the car and I was trying my best to don't scream.

Niall's POV:

When I saw Ellie, all I could say was WOW. She looked amazing. Louis drived to the stores to do a shopping spree. Everyone was buying something except for Ellie, why? I walked towards her.

Me: Why didn't bought anything?

Ellie: I haven't found something that I liked.

Me: Seriously? There are thousands of beautiful things here.

Ellie: Well I'm not the kind who buys the whole store.

Then she walked away. I like her attitude, It's sort of attractive.

Ellie's POV:

I was walking when I saw the most amazing dress ever and... the worst bitch ever. Tammara. I was starting to get really really angry. She turned, look at me then smiled. Oh my dear god I'm gonna kill her. Harry saw her so he came next to me.

Harry: Ellie, calm down.

Me: I'm trying.

Then that bitch came towards us.

Tammara: Oh hey babe.

Harry: Babe?!? Did you lost your mind or what?

Tammara: Just stop pretending in front of her, I'm sure she don't mind that we are together.

Harry: Go away. I don't love you, I never did and never will.

Tammara: You know Styles you're a good actor.

Then she smiled at him. My blood was boiling. That whore is the cause of all what happened. If she want a piece of me, she will have a piece of me.

Me: Look bitch, you ruined my fucking life because of your bullshit and I didn't said anything. But now, enough. Choose, get out of the store by your own or get kicked out by me.

She was looking at me with big eyes and Harry was laughing. The guys must heard me screaming cause they all came towards us.

Louis: Well well well, look who's here.

Me: I'll count to three. One...Two...

Tammara: Fine I'm going. But It's not the last time you're gonna see me Gonzales.

Me: I would love to meet you again. Next time I'm not giving a choice, I'll directly make my move biatch.

Then I watched her getting out. Revenge taste really good. But it's just the start.

Abby: Damn girl, you mentally kicked her. Nice.

Me: Well I had to warn her. Messing with me is not a wise thing to do.

Niall: Nice job El.

Me: Thanks.

I then took the dress and tried it on. It was a beautiful simple pink dress. And it looked great on me so I bought it. After that, we got out and bought some ice cream. The guys fighted about who's gonna pay.

Harry: I'm gonna pay!

Louis: No, I'm gonna pay!

Niall: No, I'm gonna pay.

Zayn: I'm gonna pay.

Liam: No guys I'm the one who's paying.

Abby and me: GUYS SHUT UP!

They all looked at us.

Abby and me: We're paying.

Then we payed. The guys were still chocked.

Me: Are you gonna eat your ice creams or are you gonna keep looking at us like that until they melt?

Zayn: You hurted me.

Then he started to wail.

Abby: Oh please, stop acting like a baby and move it.

The guys looked towards Abby and Harry whispered in my ear.

Harry: I like your friend.

Me: My friend is taken.

Then I walked away. We had so much fun and it was time to go home. The guys drove us back and Abby stayed in my house for the night.


Hey guys, I hope you're enjoying the story. Well I need a girl to be Harry's girlfriend and another one to be Austin Mahone's girlfriend. People who are interested comment your names, the colour of your hair and the colour of your eyes. Much Love <3 xx

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