It's only getting better (a Niall Horan FanFic)

Ellie Gonzales is an 18 years old girl. She was an innocent and happy girl but that was before she met the famous Harry Styles. He always tried to get in her pants so she gave him her virginity cause she thought he really loved her. But after that he left her for another girl so she tried to suicide. And if you noticed I sais "tried". So who saved her? And what happened after that? Read to know.


9. Breaking news

I woke up next morning in a good mood. I washed my face and woke Abby up.

Me: Abby get your ass up.

Abby: I wanna sleep. 5 more minutes.

Me: Wake up Austin is waiting for you.

She got up really fast.

Abby: What? Where?

Me: In your dreams. Now get up.

She throw a pillow on me and I got out of the room laughing. I took some cereals and sat in front of the TV, when all of sudden I saw this:

Animator: Breaking news, yesterday the members of One Direction were seen with two young ladies named Ellie Sam Gonzales and Abby Ade Tucker. The guys were seen in front of a house that apparently belongs to the youn Ellie and got down town to do some shopping. Who are these girls? And what's their relation with the One Direction? Still don't know but not for so long.

I turned off the TV and called the guys.

Liam: Hello?

Me: What the hell is this?

Liam: Oh you saw the news.

Me: How do they know my name?

Liam: It's just the start.

Me: What? What if they discover that I had an affaire with Harry?

Liam: They will not know en less if someone tell them.

Me: Well I know that you guys won't say anything, oh my god but Tammara knows too!

I was literally freaking out now.

Liam: Ouh that's gonna cause a problem.

Me: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

Liam: Calm down, everything will be fine.

Me: No nothing will be fine. Today they know my name, tomorrow they'll know my biography and next week my story will be on every channel!

Liam: Well it can happen.

Me: Payne your not helping. Give me Harry.

He gave the phone to Harry.

Harry: Hello?

Me: I swear if that bitch say anything, something bad is gonna happen.

Harry: Wow slowly. What are you talking about?

Me: Liam will explain to you later.

Harry: We're coming to your house.

Me: Be my guest, they already know it's my house so no problem.

Harry: And try to don't break anything.

I heard Liam say: "What is that suppose to mean?"

Harry: Come on I'll see you in a few.

Me: Bye.

Then he hung up. I am so stupid. I had to see this coming. Oh my god my life is a living hell. Abby came down stairs and looked a little scared when she saw that I was angry. It's not that I have anger issues but I can't stand the pressure. I explained to Abby what happened and she tried to calm me down but in vain. A few minutes later the guys arrived. Harry tried to calm me down and It worked. He always knew how to calm me. I just hope everything will be ok. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a cola. I got back to the living room and everyone was... well not in a good mood. I hate seeing people like that.

Me: You know guys, let's forget about this whole story. I'm tired of trying to predict what's gonna happen. Let's just watch a movie.

Niall: Let's eat first. It's 13:56 and I'm hungry.

Me: Sure, what do you wanna eat?

Zayn: You're gonna cook?

Me: Yes, is there something wrong with that?

Zayn: Nop.

Harry: Cook beef bourguignon.

Louis: That's french food.

Me: French food is my speciality Tomlinson.

Then I headed to the kitchen.

Niall's POV:

I looked at her going to the kitchen. When she was out of sight I turned to Harry.

Me: Man I think I'm falling for her.

Harry: Falling for who?

Me: E...Ellie.

Hary: That's good news.

Me: You think?

Harry: Well that means you found your princesse.

Me: Thanks lad.

Harry: And your gonna be lucky to have her cause she cook some delicious dishes.

He's right. She's an amazing girl so I will be lucky to be with her. I know I don't know her for so long but she's got this thing that attract me.

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