If I fall, so do you

When Lucy Hummin finds the love of her life , Charlie Mckaan the most popular boy in school, she finds he's not who she thought he was. New boy Callum starts and becomes best buds with Charlie Lucy loves Callum more and they go on secret dates. Will their love power on?


1. The meet

 Today I again sit under the big tree by the lake, it has recently been one of my favorite places. It’s very quiet and I like doing my homework out here. I was about to finish the last history question when someone covered for the sun. I looked up, right in front of me stood Charlie McKaan, the schools most popular boy, I find him very attractive, but I know that I am not the only one who does that, everybody wants him, everybody including me. "Hey" he said "You're Lucy, right?" He asked me, he knew my name, Charlie McKaan actually knew my name. Inside I was screaming happily, Charlie had never noticed me before and now he knew my name "Yes" I said silently trying to control myself. My face went beat root red and I started shaking nervously. "Cool, anyways , I was wondering if a hottie like yourself would like to come to my party?" He said, in a husky, sexy voice. I heard a few of his friends sniggering in the background. Why would Charlie Mckaan ever be interested in a girl like me. I had thick, black rimmed glasses,; wavy hair and braces. "Uh-uh, um, su-ure! " I stutter. Charlie coughs, trying not to laugh. I flush even darker red then. Charlie struts away. I squeal with excitement , my face acheing as I can't stop smiling.



 Knowing that I , Lucy Hummin, was going to Charlie Mckaans party was the only thing that kept me going through the weeks. Time flew by , and soon it was the day of the party. I decided I needed to look ultra nice at the party. Not too fancy, not too casual. I had a shower and decided on a pair of jeans, a red belt with angel wings on the front. Then a cream top with the word LOVE graffitied on it. Then a furry shrug on the top. I admired myself in the mirror, I actually looked, well, normal! Now my face. 

After 30 minutes on doing my hair, I decided on letting it flow down loosely. I crept into my little sisters room,Lilia, she was 9 , she probably had some make up , even if its babyish ones to try and make herself look older, I'll still use it. I finally settled on  a rosy pink coloured one. I smothered it onto my lips. I sneaked downstairs. My parents would kill me if they knew where I was going.

 My dads bald, with little strands of hair at the sides. He is normally at work but when he does see me, he treats me like a baby. My mum, well, she is small, chubby and has punk cheeks. She is a motherly figure and spoils Lilia rotten. Mum sits in all day, no job, stuffing her face with junk food.

 I peeled open the door until I heard a voice. "Where do you think you're going?" Lilia spyed slyly. Ugh, sometimes, I could honestly kill her! "Fine!" I sighed. I knew I'd have to tell her, or I'd be in even bigger trouble. "I'm going to Charlie Mckaans party!" 

Lilias jaw dropped open." Woah,woah,woah! Charlie Mckaan? He invited YOU to his party? OMG, this has GOT to go on twitter!" Lilia chirped. (She had just recently been allowed in twitter, and is obsessed with it, dunno why!). She was more surprised than me! "What do I need to do , to keep you from opening your big gob?" I asked pathetically. 

"Ummm, well, since your going to CHARLIE'S party, hmmmm, let me think- get me a pair of his boxers!" Lilia squealed. 

"WHAT?!!!" I said madly, "How on earth am I supposed to get that?!" 

"I could always tell………… MOM !" Lilia blackmailed.

" Fine!" I sighed ," I'll get you a pair!" I said, exhaustedly. I sneaked out the door and jumped on a bus. 

When the bus ride was over, I hopped off of the bus and skipped my way there. I bumped into a person on the way. "Lucy Hummin, is that you?" The girl asked.

" Ummmmm, yes, who's asking?" I said suspiciously.

" It's me, Amy Harding , from Blacknoof nursery. I was in your nursery class with you?" She reassured.

 Amy. The girl that always gave me a hard time. Looking down on her nose at me. Her and her friends ganging up on me. Their fancy, floaty , new dresses, while I wore hand-me-downs from my elder sister, Georgia. "Ohhh yes, I remember you!" I laugh through gritted teeth. 'I remember you being mean to me' I think. She looked AMAZING!!! She had long, wavy hair toyed tightly up into a beautiful high ponytail. She had a navy blue , tank top, a denim mini-skirt and navy converses.

" Excuse me, but I'm going to a party." I continue.

" Cool! Me too! By any chance , Charlie Mckaans party?" She smirked, thinking I'd say no.

" Yeah, yeah , that's the one!" I smirk back. Amy blinked at me , in surprise. I walked past her and ran. 

5 minutes later I was there, Charlie's house! I calmed myself down. I knocked and there he was…

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