If I fall, so do you

When Lucy Hummin finds the love of her life , Charlie Mckaan the most popular boy in school, she finds he's not who she thought he was. New boy Callum starts and becomes best buds with Charlie Lucy loves Callum more and they go on secret dates. Will their love power on?


2. Partay!

"Hey Lucy, right on time!" Charlie smiled. He was such a hunk of a guy. My heart melted like butter. I stared at him dreamily. Suddenly, I snap into the real world. I peer into his house, it was huge! He leads me through his posh hall. I gaze at the pictures of the family, they look recent. In the photos, Charlie's smiling cheekily, like he's the best. Which in my opinion, he was! I don't know why, I have always got an eye on Charlie, but then again, who hasn't? I can't believe I'm at Charlie house to a party, and he invited me! As we both wander into the living room , I see huge crowds of people but they all appear to be transfixed to something. ME?! A few people stifle a giggle. Charlie glares at them and raises his eyebrows. Wow! I stood there awkwardly, yet flattered. Although , I must admit  I'm not loving these secret-like facial expressions! I walk past , and a few people manage to mutter "hello". In addition, Charlie leads me to the small variety drink table. 

Vodka shots...



And to top it all off, Lager...... Great! Looks like I'm in for a irritating evening, well, I hope evening!

" Are you sure you want me here? I uh.. I th-think I c-can manage going home?" I eventually mumble. A panicked look spreads across Charlie's face. 

"No- No, Defienetley NO!" He stutters. I grin.

" Ok then, I'll stay!" I agree happily. Charlie breathes a sigh of relief. Maybe tonight would be fun, now that I now Charlie's so keen to have me there!


 An hour later , I decided I would just get on with stealing Charlie's underwear. I breathed steadily, my nostrils flaring. Wow, I'm such a dork! I crept upstairs to find a whole bunch of doors. Charlie's parents must be loaded! I rush in every room in a cluster just to see...

• Drunks

• Snogging

• And a bit of both!

 There was one chestnut brown door left, I swing it open to find 2 people in a heap kissing. I exit in a hurry. It did look like I'd expect Charlie's room to look like… Pictures of models, an x-box and a pile of dirt clothing. I worked up the courage to burst back in there. This time , the people were gone! Boy, had I been waiting long! I rush over to what looks like drawers and grab the first pair of boxers on the top of the pile. I hold them up, smiling like a ninny. Until the door bashes open , and my jaw drops to my feet...



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