The One

jessy fancies zayn and wishes she will meet him , one day her dream comes true as he goes to her college and is her new partner will they end up in love or does it all go wrong????


8. Where am i?

Jessys POV:

Opening my eyes i didnt reconise where i was,then i realised,i had been kidnapped!Who by though?Why me?My hands were raw red from the rope that was squeezing my hands and my mouth was covered with jet black duck tape,my hope of getting out had vanished,how could i if i was tied up!Suddenly we came to a halt hearing a door slam shut and footsteps i pretended i was still unconcious.Feeling muscley arms wrapp around me made me think of me and Zayn,all of a sudden my thoughts stoped as i got yanked into a rundown structure,it was horrible!Getting tied up around a chair felt really uncomfortable,as soon as i heared the go out i opened my eyes and scanned around the room to find in my suprise a picture on the wall of a boy.Wait I know that boy!Its George and he's come to get me like he told me he would the day I left him.Suddenly memories came flooding back of when he used to beat me black and blue but i was to timid to tell anyone so i just used to wear long clothes.When i left him i hoped it would of been for good but oviously not!But why doess he want me he definatly doesnt love me!


Hey guys hope u like my story,will update this chapter in a bit byee!!;) xx

Zayns POV:

I have been really missing Jessy and not seeing her is really upsetting me,I've been thinking of going over at dinner time to clear the air,surely she doesnt beilieve Me and that girl are an item,Jessys' mine well was!                                                                            *Dinner time*

At dinner time i decide to go over as i knocked on there,there was no answer i tried one more time the her brother came to the door and let me in he told me she should be up stairs,running up the stairs i pulled back the tears in my eyes and opened her room,there was no one there then i went into the bathroom still no one there.Walking back into her room i noticed a note it said gone trafford centre with the girls i just smiled and went to give Jack the note he said ok and i walked out,seein Ellie and Abbey walk up without Jessy made me worried i darted over and asked me where she was they told me about the other day and then carried on the walk. I needed to find her and quickly!!!

Georges POV: 

Yes!I have found her i,ve been tracking her down for months then she appered in the magazine which gave me her name and more clues now all i need is her to be my gf and we can go to how it used to be,where we was happy!As i walked into her room i noticed she was awake,giving her a kiss i ripped off the duck tape which covered her mouth she yelped a bit then just glared at me i just smiled innocently.Making sure i had the key to lock her room i let her out of the rope then walke out an locked the door in each lock i heard her bang a few times but that was all!

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