The One

jessy fancies zayn and wishes she will meet him , one day her dream comes true as he goes to her college and is her new partner will they end up in love or does it all go wrong????


7. What!

Looking at my phone i read the message off the girlies-

Ye sure but the boys arent going you still up for it?;)xx 


walking into the livin room i told Zayn that i was going out with the girls he told me he was off to meet the boys we said our goodbyes and i ran upstairs to get changed,signing in to twitter i looked at a new picture that had been uploaded as i looked i noticed it was Zayn with another girl,WHAT!! No surely?

Locking up i walked out of the door and jumped into my mini,looking at the photo once more a little tear drop escaped from my eyes,not MY Zayn could do this to me.Starting up the engine i drove to the trafford centre and noticed Ellie and Abbey stood out side on their phones.Running over i burst out crying looking up at them i knew they had seen the photo ,getting their thumbs and wiping my tears we walked inside and went to get a smoothie when we sat down we started talking.Abbey even said at one point hes such an idiot! I couldnt beileive it but i was actually thinking the same thing 

Not thinking i heard myself say " Tommorrow im gonna bunk collage,im just to messed up to see Zayn!" 

"Oh no your not Missy! I heard Ellie say in a sassy voice(which i had never heared before) 

Laughing i got up to go , as much as i loved these two i needed time alone! I felt like Zayn had ripped my heart into streads and my friends and family had to fix it all back up! How would Jack respond to this???? 

Walking through the trafford centre i suddenly felt a cold hand swipe passed mine,thinking nothing of it i just kep walking until some one grabbed me!Taking off my heels i tried to pull away and sprint i got to the gates to be grabbed by a pair pf huge arms looking behind i seen a figure stood there,tears streamed down my eyes which were now so dark with scardness,why had he come back i thought i had left him years ago?Being taken i just closed my eyes and just pretended it was all just a dream,Suddenly everything went black!

Ellies POV:

Why had Zayn done this to her he was such an idiot,wait until i see him in collage he will be getting a peice of my mind! When Jessy got up i just left her to go because i knew this is hard on her Abbey was gonna follow her because we seen George,Jessys EX from ages ago,but i told her not to!As i looked into the distance i noticed Jessy had gone and so had George,no surley he couldnt of took her finishing my smoothie i went and payed the man getting into my car me and Ellie drove off 


As soon as i seen her go i knew i should of followed her but Ellies glare told me to give her her space seeing George just topped it off i was just about to get up when Ellie pulled me down,she must of not spotted George but i surley did and i hoped he wouldnt do what he did last time to her!

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