The One

jessy fancies zayn and wishes she will meet him , one day her dream comes true as he goes to her college and is her new partner will they end up in love or does it all go wrong????


11. True Love

Jessys POV : 

"Zayn wake up"i screamed at the top of my voice , but he didnt even flinch. Looking at his face made me realise i cant live without him, and i wont! Before i knew it i was screaming in his face as tears streamed down my face suddenly i was lifted off the ground, I was being taken away , "No,Put me down!" i screamed ,  but they wouldnt , before i knew it i was in a small room all alone until Liam walked in and put an arm on my shoulder."Its gonna be ok" he whispered in my ear , but i didnt believe him but i knew i had to .Zayn had  risked his life for me , just a normal girl from Swinton he should have left me!Why do i always have to cause scenes, the love of my life could be dead for all i know! He could be gone ! I burried my head in Liams chest to block away everything around me he just patted my back gently then started rubbing it , he was like my big brother! Then suddenly Harry ran in.Its Zayn he's been rushed into a coma...!


Harrys POV: 

Looking at Zayns pale face made me feel broken hearted i felt like my bandmate, my brother , my soul mate had gone . Just walked right out of my life ! I couldnt bare it , then i felt something hit my chest , it was a tear that had just drippe from my emerald eyes, i hadnt noticed i was crying wiping my face with the cuff of my sleeve i held Zayns hand and told him it will be ok, we will get through this, you will help me and the 3 boys sell stadium tours out, you cant leave us know , we need you , I need you , Jessy needs you! Beap . Beap , i looked up to see the life mashine turning into a straight line, Sprinting out the room i ran to a nurse and told her to go to room 122 irgunt then i ran to where Jessy and Liam was , even when she was upset she looked beautiful.Harry focus i love Abbey i said in my head! then burged open the door to find Jessys head sit up urgent i hesitated before saying " Its Zayn , Hes been rushed into a coma " as i looked at Jessy i noticed her mouth was gaping open and her eyes had turned into a waterfall rushing down, Liam just hugged her and rubbed the back of her hair, I didnt no what to do i just stood there staring until i noticed i needed to tell Abbey running out of the room i seen louis hugging Ellie and Abbey i could tell he had already told,then my heart started telling me i had to be there for Jessy but my mind told me Abbey , I looked at Abbey then Jessy then Abbey then Jessy before realising who i deeply loved,Jessy. Running into the room i told Liam i would take care of it and i started holding Jessy colse her warm breath touched my chest which made the hairs on my neck prickle movig away to look into her eyes i heard her manage to say "dont go" moving closer again i rubbed her back in a circle then lead my playing with her brown, silky hair , Every feature was perfect , every thig was perfect , she was perfect!!!

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