The One

jessy fancies zayn and wishes she will meet him , one day her dream comes true as he goes to her college and is her new partner will they end up in love or does it all go wrong????


14. Sparks

Jessys: POV 

Reaching the club the others walked straight in but me and Harry had to show our ID after that we got a few shots down us and as a joke Niall took my hand and started dancing with me i chuckled and he did in his thick irish accent i looked into his big round eyes as we danced until the music stopped so we joine the others that looked drunk already, Harry espeically! He was hitting on Abbey she looked discgusted! As i stared at Harry although he was drunk he had love in his eyes, Abbeys did to, Why had i got involved they love each other dearly but yet Harry couldnt see it! Then i looked at them to find Harry kissing on the cheeck they both got up and went out side! Following behind i noticed they had gotten in a taxi and was driving back to Harrys! Did Harry even care about me?? He surley didnt look like it 


Abbeys POV:

Yes Harry loved me again! I couldnt beileive it on the way home he told me that Jessy had forced him to brake up with me the little.. She was ment to be my friend, then suddenly i felt harrys cold thin lips touch mine, you could feel sparks, this is what I wanted, who cared if he was with Jessy, he was ment to be mine and now is!!!


Harrys POV:

What was i doing with Abbey im not single but i just had to shes so perfect like jessy apart from the way her golden hair falls diffrently and her green eyes twinkle asaclly like mine and the way her dimples show when she smiles all these features make her her! That was so speical! On the way home i couldnt residted my self the way her rosey red lips were pouting weakily so i had to kiss them! Luckily she couldmt resist neither an gave me a peck back, who did i truely love? Abbey? or Jessy ? 


Jessys POV:

On the way home i noticed the hospital that Zayn was in the one that loved me all along i screamed at the driver stop then gave him money and jumped out and ran in the hospital aaking for Zayn Javvard Malik she told me the room number and i inched in! Sitting next to him i held his hand i looked at the thousands of machience around him helping him take every breath then i logged on to twitter and posted #Pray4Zayn suprisingly it was retweeted 1000 of times then i seen @NiallOfficial had posted good luck ZAYN looking up i noticed the machine had stopped working panicking i ran in the hallway screaming for anyone finally some one came and helped Zayn then more followed they told me to go an i did i looked at the mirror an seen me crying my heart out, "Please dont leave me" i whispered then i walked out the glass doors to get fresh air , Then suddenly i realises something which made my heart break alot more and made sob loaded than i already was doing,Zayn Might Have Died! And i was the reason! He Risked HIS LIFE for me and i left him for HARRY i felt my self shudder with anger that boy ( ZAYN ) ment loads to me and i let him slip away just for spme stupid ... THING !!!! anger filled me , as well as hurt i felt so disobayed by Harry ! He had left me for Abbey i bet hs not even thinking of me right now because he doesnt care at all about me , Zayn , Abbey or even ANYONE ! He was so selfish some times and i actually thought i lived him. Walking back in a doctor came over to me and told me they dont think Zayns gonna make it i felt like some had ripped my heart out! I was worth-less without Zayn!

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