The One

jessy fancies zayn and wishes she will meet him , one day her dream comes true as he goes to her college and is her new partner will they end up in love or does it all go wrong????


2. Oh my gosh!!

Inching closer i sat down in my seat and glanced into his big brown eyes which made me daydream.That was something  i never did!"Hi" the new boy said as he did a small smile. "hhhhhhi"i muttered out of my dry mouth. Suddenly the teacher started talking so that was my chance of finding out he was over wow i was such an idiot why couldnt i have said something."Idiot!" i screamed inside my head as i looked up every one was staring at me,did i seriously just say that out loud???The new guy just looked at me and smiled the suddenly he said something."Oh yeah by the way im Zayn"What had he seriously just said he was Zayn!! Surely not!!! as we exited the classroom i turned around to ask "zayn" if he was the one out of one direction, as i asked him i felt so stupid even he looked at me in shock,"sorry" i mumbled.  

Zayns point of view;

Oh no what happened of i said yes would she just be another crazy fan or would she still be normal, as i glanced at her i noticed she wished she hadnt asked.Building up the courage i said in a soothing voice"yes" She looked so stunned,should i have lied??? 

Jessys point of view:

OH MY GOD! This couldnt  be happening could it ! he was my dream guy smiling at him i walked off to go and tell Ellie and Abbey they so needed to know this!! 

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