The One

jessy fancies zayn and wishes she will meet him , one day her dream comes true as he goes to her college and is her new partner will they end up in love or does it all go wrong????


19. Movement

HarryPOV:I swear i seen him move I promise i heard the nurse tut i heard the door open then Jessys gentle voice i heard her kiss some one , Harry? the nurse ? no surely Harry! But why . " How is he then ??"  " i seen him move before but no one believes me "  " oh babe!" u wanna go for tea some where " " sure " i heard harry reply then they i left i had to force my eyes finally i felt my eyebrow move as my eye open the tiniest bit , just to see Harry and Jessy leave holding hands , i felt like crying ! 



Zayn looked perfect lay there i knew that was my man not Harry Harrys Abbeys why was i doing this , then i had an idea to tell Harry over dinner that i no he loves Abbey , but who do i love!? I guess zayn , Going back home to louis i got in the shower whilst Harry got changed drying off i looked in the mirror an seen my scar on my collor bone it made me shudder i turned aay and walked into my spare room i knocked first as Harry was getting changed in there he ild me when to go in and i walked into harry flipped in the bed with a cheeky grin he was wearing black jeans with a dark blue tank top which was a bit over grown, i coffed , he looked confusd then he lefted    as i asked for privacy i picked out a slim blue dress that had a lace top and cut out at the sides it was my favourite dress then i put on my black wedges that had a zip on the side , curled the bottom of my hair and put some lippy and mascara on i walked out and seen harry stood there he stared for ages before he said " so where we going " leaving the house was hard as there was loads of paparazzi they were asking wheres zayn , are u a item now i had enough , i didnt need to tell them my life did i!! getting my phone out i logged in twitter , there was already a tabloid , one direction Band mate Harry Styles and Jessy are a couple ? i tweeted 

@jessytaylor: Can i not have privacy with @HarryStyles !!! then i logged out and gt in the cab tht came , arriving at a restraunt we hopped out and got a table i just got a salad and a sprite ehilst harry got fish with chips and a sprite too i sipped quietly before i started talking i took a deep breath , Harry i know you still love Abbey and i love zayn . I paused an took a breath , each time i see Abbey i know shes dying for you back , Harry i think we should go are seperate ways , Tears filled my eyes and i seen them in Harrys too he leane over kissed me and walked out i just sat there sobbing to myself , phoning a taxi i hopped in the cab and drove back to louis and went in my room an sobbed i felt distroat lying down i fell asleep. Harry was just on my mind all night ...

Harry Pov: 




Waking up i cheked my phone and seen it was 9.45am getting up i jumped in rhe shower then got changed into black shorts and a white top with my jacket . Getting in my mini i drove to the hospital an seen Zayn my heart sank!

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