The One

jessy fancies zayn and wishes she will meet him , one day her dream comes true as he goes to her college and is her new partner will they end up in love or does it all go wrong????


3. I think i fancy him???

As i ran over to them they looked at me with their gleaming eyes "What you buzzing about?"Ellie asked me in a suspicious tone "errrm theres no other way to say this but that boy is actually zayn!!!" gasping in shock they both looked at each other and screamed.I no i thought.As you guessed on the way home i had to explain every thing it took me the whole bus ride to finish as we hopped out we walked towards my house and took a step in. Settiling down i knew i had to tell them what i was thinking as i spoke these were the esact words that came out, i felt so embarrassed! "Guys i think i might fancy zayn?" Looking at me they both looked so far away i could tell Abbey was imagining us together then suddenly a huge smile filled her face i just grinned, Abbey was so cute at times! Her little dimples showed so much and her blonde hair shinned from the light above her.Then suddenly there was a knock on the door as i opened it to my suprise i saw a gorgeous boy stood there, as i exammed him i realised it was ZAYN, this felt so akward!! My mind wandered about before i let him in you could tell Abs and Ells were excited!  

After i had got us some pink lemonade we all sat down on the sofa and started chatting,not listening propally i over heard Zayn asking us if we wanted to go to the mall tommorrow night, practically screaming it i yelled "yes!" letting him out the door i glanced into his eyes one more time and muttered goodbye, a pefect smile filled his face as he strolled down the street,I needed to look pretty tommorrow night!!

Going back into the living room we all started talking about tommorrow Ellie and Abbey were practically praying for the others to be there.Talking about was we was going to wear we realised the time and decided that they should stay at mine!running up the stairs we put our pjs on and hopped into bed the only thing i thought about last night was zayn 

zayns p.o.v:

Dreaming about Jessy was the best i could just see her in my head if i didnt look smart tommorrow i could blow it and seriously thats something i dont want to do shes PERFECT!

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