The One

jessy fancies zayn and wishes she will meet him , one day her dream comes true as he goes to her college and is her new partner will they end up in love or does it all go wrong????


12. Heart Breaker

Jessys POV:

waking up i noticed i was all alone in bed sitting up i seen Ellie come in smiling weakly then i heared her say "hey" i looked at her as she smiled weakly , i knew last night wasnt a dream , coming over she sat on my bed and started talking to me to cheer me up then she said " there is some good news the boys have asked us to go on tour with them" i smiled weakly then put my thumbs up she glanced at me and said " everythings going to be ok " and put her hand on my knee, it was freezing! Getting up i grabbed her hand and led her down the stairs to Louis kitchen where i got me and Ellie both a orange juice each and then we sat on the island in the centre of the room then we just started chatting until we heard yelling and bellowing from inside the living room running in i just stared at Abbey and Harry screaming at each other i had never seen so much hate in her eyes then she started yelling "WHAT YOU LOVE ANOTHER GIRL HARRY YOU   DISCUST ME!" then i looked at them confused whats goin- before i could finish Abbey had smacked Harry across his left cheek and was stood there tearing up i ran over to her hugged heer then looked at Harry " Whats going on ?" he looked at me guilty and said " i broke up with Abby""What?? What!!" i bellowed i wondered who would he love more than Abbey "Who"i looked at him as i stared into his green eyes "You Jessy You" i slapped my hand across my mouth and looked at him discgusted but shocked at the same time i whispered "what?" then i heared the door slam shut the Liam Screamed "Are You stupid !! " i ran over to him to calm him down he looked at Harry with flare in his eyes i stepped back and slammed against the wall and slided down i couldnt beleive it. 

1 week later 

Jessys POV:

Still after one week Zayn hadnt got any better and Abbey and Harry had literally planned never to see each other again! Knock Knock i heard from my wooden door " come in" i whispered miserably , it was harry. Before i could say anything Harry had come over sat on Louis Bed( which he let me have for a while ) and had started talking, i didnt even listen i couldnt care any less what he had to say to me, Abbey or any one! Cutting him off i screamed " I love Zayn Harry you love Abbey!" "Loved" he answered back. As i stared into his big green eyes i noticed love, something i had never seen in Zayns eyes before nor anyones , did Harry truelly love me? Sitting up without thinking i slammed my lips onto his making my heart beat fastly releasing he stared at me with a cheeky grin and put his hand onto mine," see you love me i love you!" But i dont i thought or did i but i was telling myself no because of Zayn and Abbey. Leaning in closer i did it again but this time harder then i put my arm around his waist as he did around my neck and we just stared into each others eyes before finally letting go. Squiging up closer we both just talked for a while as Harry tickled my leg.Then the door burst open and Ellie was stood there she just looked at us two then walked away discgusted! "Ellie" i screamed , running after her i explained i understand what im doing she told me as long as you do and turned on her heels and walked out. I hated it when she was in a temper!! 

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