The One

jessy fancies zayn and wishes she will meet him , one day her dream comes true as he goes to her college and is her new partner will they end up in love or does it all go wrong????


15. Gone!

Harrys POV :

Waking up i noticed i was on Abbeys couch, I felt so hung over it was untesl standing up an looking in the reflexion of the mirror i tided my curls an jogged up the stairs to Abbeys room she was curled up in a little ball with her had tucked under her hip her hair moved swiftly in the breeze as the window was open, then i walked over to her and kissed her on the nose i seen her half smile as she started to wake up."Good morning babe" i said in my husky vouce then sat on her bed. Going back down the stairs i sat on her couch and turned on the Jermey Kyle show and then the oak doors opened as Abbey strolled through in her pink pajamas she looked so cute! 

*1 Hour later* 

Saying goodbye i gave her a kiss and then got in my hummer and drove off. Reaching Jessys house i knocked on to find her stood there looking discgusted she didnt say anything nor did i dare to neither i just looked at her very guilty, finally she spoke, " Harry you are pathetic were so over" and she slammed the door in my face i didnt even move i just sat on her front step! 


Jessys POV: 

Opening the door i seen somebody stood there it was Harry i just sighed, here we go again i thought! I gave him a glare and a long Silence wa heared, then i spoke " i dont love u Harry its over" he looked at me like a dog begging i said again " Harry you got yourself here" then i slammed the door shut and went and got my bag and car keys thinking i should go to see Zayn walking out Harry was still there he was talking but i didnt listen i judt got in my car and drove to the hospotal i parked and gotten out then walked to Zayns room and sat next to him i held his hand , he looked a lot worse than before more machinces was puf on him but his heart beat was going faster i looked at him and shed another tear then thats when Abbey walked in i looked at her and scowled then i gave her the glare to go but she wouldnt take it walking up to me she got her bare hands and slapped me, that was it shed crossed the line jumping up i started pushing her out the room she started tugging at my hair thats when it kicked off i started screaming and charged at her she screamed at me " why did u brake Me and Harry up!" stopping i answered " WHAT!!" a confused tone filled my voice then she told me the most stupidist ever,"Harry told me you split us up " , " More like the other way round!" i sniggered , walking away i reached Zayns door gave him a kiss and went ro ho and see Harry ! he got on my nerves  some times he put me and my best mate against each other ! Well " Best friend " !!!

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