I went to the skate park when i saw him his name was sky.He had everything that i girl would want he was funny, cute, and, was always there for you.But the day he asked me out was the happiest day of my life...


3. The next day

I wake up happily and open my curtains and get dressed " Another great day ". Itake a shower and sing in there thinking about last night it was so magical and unbeilivible " Oh Sky..." i say.When im out of the shower i run down stairs and eat breakfest " Bye mom and dad " i run outside at the bus stop when i see Sky waiting there " Goodmorning beatiful " he says i blush a little " Morning handsome " i say then we laugh we kiss then he picks me up and puts me in his car again.I like being picked up by Sky it makes me feel pretty for once." We should skip school today " he says with a smile " Yea we should! " i say with a smile too " Mr.Holgren will be like " " Dang we them stupid kids! " We say together then laugh.When the day is over me and Sky go swimming in the closed pool we drive in then Sky pulls me underwater and closer to him than ever we kiss for awhile. Then we get out of the poll and i push him in i laugh and he drags me back in with a smile we get out again then i check the time " Oh Crap we gotta head home! " its twelve o clock on my cell phone.I kiss sky goodbye then run home.I climb up the tree next to my window then jump into bed right before my parents come up to check on me.I smile in my sleep my parents look worried when they leave,I didnt know why.

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