I went to the skate park when i saw him his name was sky.He had everything that i girl would want he was funny, cute, and, was always there for you.But the day he asked me out was the happiest day of my life...


1. The day to be asked out

It was just a normal day as usual then one of the cutest guy in school came.But of course he had a gf why wouldnt he, she was very popular me and him...we were just friends...he never noticed my blushing when he talked to me.It was like a fairytale to me when i saw him. I couldnt beilive that he was friends with mei wasnt the prettiest girl in school Jessica was of course his gf is Jessica.Sky was not one of the popurlar guys that ignored everyone he saw he was more than that.Everytime he talked to me would always mess up. In science class i would mess up the experrience when he walked by to join in.Of course everyone made fun of me...But sky he was different he didnt he would just stare at me in the eyes.I didnt get it how would a guy like him be my friend? was he dared? or did he just like me? The possibilitys of him liking me may start today.I wake up " God what a beatiful day! " i run up to the window open the curtains as the sun shines through.." Ahh so pretty better get dressed :D ! ". I carefully pick out a shirt and some pants i wasnt one of those girly girls that takes forever.I run into the bathroom brush my teeth and brush my hair only a tad of lipstick and mascara.After that i run outside to the bus stop with my things my name was Vanessa i was 18 so was Sky.Sky walks up to the bus stop ' Sky isnt your gf gonna pick you up " i say with a little laugh " No not today -_- ugh she was annoying me last night! ". We laugh of course we dont know why " Sowhat happened you guysbreak up? " i ask curiously " Yea...we actually did lolz ". My face turned pale i was thinking :o how would he break up with the most prettyiest girl in school!Then Sky pushed the hair out of my eyes we look at eachother but to ruin the moment the bus comes -_-. As we get on the bus Sky asks me " Vanessa you know how we have been friends for awhile right? " he says nervously."Yea? " i say then Sky asks " will you go out with me " i surprisingly jump into his arms " Of course i will! " . Then we see Jessicas car get towed and her walking onto the bus she trips us." WATCH IT! " she screams."Then we get up and sit together on the bus " So where are we going out? " i ask curiously " To the movies " he says with a smile. We laugh for a moment then look at eachother with smiles.

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