I went to the skate park when i saw him his name was sky.He had everything that i girl would want he was funny, cute, and, was always there for you.But the day he asked me out was the happiest day of my life...


2. The date

After school we grab our stuff and meet eachother outside of course he says " You ready to go? " " Yes " he surprisingly picks me up off my feet and puts me in his new car that his dad droped off for him today.It was a Mustang i drag my hand on the leather seats " This is amazing! " i say " ikr " he says softly before we drive offhe looks at me his eyes were so beatiful...We were about to kiss until Jessica slaps me " WTF! " i scream at her " Hey nerdy you little loser get out " she says " No Vanessa dont..." Sky says " Hey Jessica i love someone new someone better than youll ever be! " he says i gasp then we drive off Jessicas crying but i dont care because she made me cry more than she ever has she deserved it.For once i have made the most popularest girl in the school cry she was the rudest person you would ever meet.When we get to the movies Sky picks me up again i laughed a little with some blushing " Madam may i? " he asks with a british tone " Why yes you may lolz ".When we get in Sky is still carrying me we stop for a moment and our hands meet we slowly kiss...His lips were warm.We drive home after the movie and we kiss before i leave the car but he grabs my hand " Ill see you tomarrow Vanessa i love you " He kisses me again which makes me want to more but i dont.I leave the car with my stuff and go up to my bedroom and colaps on my bed thinking about Sky.

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