I went to the skate park when i saw him his name was sky.He had everything that i girl would want he was funny, cute, and, was always there for you.But the day he asked me out was the happiest day of my life...


5. Sky?

The next day i wake up and Sky is there " What do you want! " i say " Vanessa it was a set up they took your phone and layed it there " he says " I dont beilive you why should i! " i kinda yell " Because Vanessa i love you no other girl can compare you Jessica does love me but i will always hate her shes a bully. " He says then pulls me closer to him and we kiss Annika and Alexus just stand there " Thats so cute " They finally say " Nothings cuter than Vanessa... " Sky says i blush a little.Sky picks me up and spins me,We laugh.As he leaves he asks me " Stay the night with me vanessa theres a tree close to my window " He says then leaves i gasp that the fact of him asking me to Alexus and Annika just laugh " Its not funny lolz " i cant help but laughing either

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