I went to the skate park when i saw him his name was sky.He had everything that i girl would want he was funny, cute, and, was always there for you.But the day he asked me out was the happiest day of my life...


4. Broken

The Next Morning i wake up and my cell phone is gone.I run downstairs " Mom! have you seen my cell phone?" i ask " Yes i have Sky took it " I think to myself what? Sky took it? dangit!.I run to his house then see Jessica there " Oh babe i love you" she says i couldnt hear what Sky said but i understood he loved her not me was i just his charity work?!? I pick up my phone laying on the ground its broken! :o I look at Sky and jessica so happy together then run off crying...I should have known a guy like that would never like me. I run to my friends house Alexus and Annika see me coming and run outside " what happened? " they ask " Sky i was just his charity work! "They hug me then take me inside my feet are frozen from the cold i get closer to the fire " I should have known i was to ugly for him! " I cry some more Annika and Alexus seem concerned " Ugh boys these days cant see the right one " Annika says " Yea..." Alexus says Sky calls me but i dont answer.He even texted me saying what did i do? i need to know Vanessa... I hated looking at them Annika and Alexus wouldnt let me text back they kept saying he's no good for you i nodded when they did.I guess they were right i mean it was probably a dare for him to ask me out but it felt so real....I fall asleep crying that night.

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