Melodie it's her name. She's 17. Her family hate her because ages ago she made a terrible mistake. When she was younger, she was pretty,popular and amazing but then she became strange. Something has changed her.
This is her diary.


1. Melodie's diary.


                                                                          Part I

May, 5th 1980
Today, when I waken up I saw the sun shining through my  window.
I really wanted to go outside with someone but I couldn't. First, I didnt have any friends, well I had my cat but it's just a cat. Second, I couldn't go outside because my parents didn't let me. I had to clean up the bathroom, my bedroom and the kitchen. Normal day for me.
May, 11th 1980
I decided to run away. I got enough of my parents and my sister. Her name is Kate. She's the type of a slutty girl who runs into boys arms but then...She just brakes their hearts. It's what I used to do ages ago but then I changed...No. My depression has changed me. I still remember the time when I was 15. I was the type of a slutty girl. Now it's my sister's job. It all began when I met my Kate's boyfriend. God, He was hot as hell. He's name was Derick and I really like him so once...Yeah. I mean...I had sex with him. It was too late when I realized that I made a terrible mistake. My parents and my sister never forgived me for what I done.

May, 25th 1980

I really want to go but where ? I m weak. Physickly but strong emotionally so I started to plan the day when I'll escape. I got over 500 $ saved. I started to pack up my things.  My lovely parents didn't notice that I wanted to leave but if they realized that I'm leaving, they would be happy. That's because they hate me.

May, 28th 1980

Nearly ready, I got everything I need but not love. Tomorrow, in the morning, at about 5.00 I m running away. Can't wait. I m shore you can't either ! 

Day after, 1980.

Yes, I m out waiting for my bus to come and then I m gonna stop in hotel for a weekend and then maybe I'll became homeless or I will find a way to get out.  Now, I m going to meet America. I m freaking out !


1st June 1980

I stopped in this small hotel. I m staying here for a weekand. Now, my treasure is about to start but  how ? I m just a teenager and the world is big but never mind. I m happy that I m here but there is one problem. Money. I need money  to survive and I think I know how to get them but I can't. My slutty career finished ages ago and it's want I want. I m not like Kate or maybe... I am ?


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