a vampire girl is recounting the days that she met the future human love of her life before she besides to do something that will change her life forever and could possibly end vampires as we know it.



That day I saw him. It was a normal day, the autumn breeze blowing though my hair. He walked in with his mates. He had brown hair, bright blue eyes and a dazzling smile.

Centuries ago when I was changed, I fell in love with a human. We got married, and on our anniversary I told him my secret. The next day he ran away, saying he could never be in love with a vampire.

Only since that day I have been obsessed with happily ever afters and to get ever afters you need once upon a times.

This boy was an exact… replica. Everything from his laugh to the way our eyes locked from miles away made shivers go down my spine. The flicks of his styled hair moved in the wind and every time he laughed his eyes shone. Making me laugh in that 'I like you' way. We had only talked a few times when we had classes together but we had a special connection. At least I thought so.

On Thursday 16th I picked up the guts to go and talk to him. I had done my hair special that day- I curled it at the ends, because normally my hair was dead straight. I had applied a small amount if mascara that highlighted my compelling violet eyes. My blood red lips had cuts marks all over from the thirsting days of non-blood drinking. When he asked I just said I got into a fight. With all the other hundreds of guys I had been with that normally got their attention.


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