Another Bad Boy Story (Ziall)

Zayn Malik. The name that every student in Bradford's Private School for The Artistically Talented fears. He's got the attitude. The looks. The money and yeah, he's also bi. He's the school's bad boy. Until a blonde leprechaun by the name of Niall Horan comes along. A ball of sunshine and kindness Niall attracts the attention of Mr. Bad Boy himself. We'll see how much of a bad boy Zayn really is. And if by some some miraculous way, Zayn will change.


9. Ch.8~Zayn...

Niall's POV


"It's not your fault Ni. He's probably skipping classes like everyone says he does. Don't blame yourself."

"It IS my fault Li! I WALKED OUT on him without thinking about his feelings. Everything is my fault."

"Zayn practically tried to RAPE you, and you're defending him?!"

I cringe back into my bed at the angry tone of Liam's voice. Not noticing my action, he continues on with his outburst.

"He bullies, BULLIES! people, leaving them hurt and bleeding. He enjoys their pain, as if he gets high from it. He's a jerk Niall! I don't know why you're taking his bloody side on this! I-You-aghhh! I can't deal with this right now. See you later in class."

Giving me a disappointed look, Liam gets up and storms off. I flinch automatically; he's disappointed in me.

Leaving me there, shocked at what what happened. Never before has he yelled at me, or gotten this angry. It's a side of him that I've never seen before, and I don't ever want to witness it again. To be honest, it scared me. But I guess I deserved it. It's all my fault. First Zayn, now Liam. Who's next? Josh?

Crying out in frustration at myself, I curl up in a ball in bed and lay there. School can wait.

Zayn. Did he truly skip all last week because of me? The mere thought of it increases the weight on my chest, making me feel even more guilty than before. If I had thought my actions through before, then this wouldn't be happening. None of this.

Then there's Liam. I get where he's coming from, I would be mad too if the roles were reversed. But he's being a tad unfair, not listening to my side. He doesn't understand the situation like I hoped he would. I explained to Liam exactly what happened but he's too stubborn in believing that Zayn is the bad guy in this! It's not fair on Zayn especially considering the fact that he's confused.

I'll just stay at home for a while and give Liam some space and time to cool off. Let him sort out his thoughts on his own and when he's ready to talk then we'll talk. Until then, I'll keep my distance. I don't want him blowing up on me again.

So with that in mind, I cover myself up to my chin with the warm blankets. The warmth lulling me back to sleep. A peaceful dream where everything is fine. Liam and I never argued and I never met Zayn.

Because in all honesty, things have been going downhill ever since we met Zayn.



* * *



My eyes snap open in alarm. All sleep gone, my mind on full alert.

Did I oversleep and miss the rest of the school day? Looking at the clock, I sigh in relief. It's only 1:36 P.M. I still have a few hours left of school that I can attend. And I better get there quick, next class - Music - starts in less than twenty minutes, and I have that class with Liam. If he notices that I'm not there, he'll freak out and blame himself. I have to hurry up and beat him to class, I always get there before him.

Timing myself, I take a five minute shower, put on the school uniform, grab my stuff and shove a PopTart in my mouth before leaving. It takes about six minutes to get to school and another three to get to the music class. That means that I have...approximately five to six minutes left until the bell rings. Ok Horan, you got this!

As I burst through the school doors panting heavily from my jog, I groan. I have to go to my stupid locker! Ignoring the looks from the students, I power walk to my locker, my mind going into overdrive hoping that I can get to class on time. Spinning the dial as quick as my fingers let me, I finally manage to get it to pen after four failed attempts. Only to freeze on the spot at the sight before me. My breath catching in my throat at the beauty of it.

There, lying in my locker, is the most beautiful bouquet of roses I have ever laid my eyes upon. The roses are a dark, lush red. The color popping out against the green stems and leaves. There's a total of thirteen roses. Plastic wrapped around them, holding the roses together is a pure white ribbon tied in a bow outside the plastic. A single red and white card hanging off the silky ribbon. I open it up with a trembling hand and read the contents. Scribbled in elegant cursive is written:

Thirteen Red Roses,
Thirteen Reasons Why I Love You,
1) Your mesmerizing smile.
2) Your contagious laugh.
3) Your crystal blue eyes.
4) Your bubbly personality.
5) Your kindness.
6) Your voice that I can never get enough of.
7) The way your eyes light up.
8) The way your lips pull up into an adorable smile.
9) The way you sing like an angel.
10) The way you care about others.
11) You give me hope.
12) You are my angel sent from above.
13) Simply you.
No matter how long I have to wait for your love, I will always be here. I'll protect you, I'll change for you. I'll be waiting till the day when you will be in my arms right where you belong.
Be the good to my bad. The smile to my frown. The light to my dark...The love to my heart.

I can't believe this. I can't believe that Zayn sent me this. This was just too sweet. Indescribably sweet and touching. I'm literary speechless right now. All I know is that Zayn truly does love me. But...I don't love him back.

"Do you like them?"

Spinning around, roses and card still in my hand, I come face to fave with none other than the person who sent them.

"Zayn, I don't know what to say." I answer truthfully.

He gives me a sad smile and I feel the urge to go hug him "You don't have to say anything Ni. It's my way of saying, I'm sorry that I tried to force myself on you."

"It's fine re-"

Zayn cuts me off with a shake of his head and looks into my eyes "No! It wasn't and never will be ok! That was out of line, completely and utterly unacceptable of me. You didn't deserve that, you deserve to be treated with the outmost care, respect and love. And I will be the one to give you the love that you need. Because I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you."

I open my mouth to speak but close it right away when I feel Zayn's feather light kiss on my cheek. "You don't have to say anything Niall. I just want you to know that I'm sorry."

And with that he walks away, leaving me standing there with an uncontrollable blush on my cheeks where his kiss still lingers. I feel my mouth turn up into a smile.

Liam may be angry at me, but I don't care anymore. Stuff music class, I'm going home. Hugging the roses to my chest, I walk past the stunned students and begin my walk home. I need to think things through.






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