Another Bad Boy Story (Ziall)

Zayn Malik. The name that every student in Bradford's Private School for The Artistically Talented fears. He's got the attitude. The looks. The money and yeah, he's also bi. He's the school's bad boy. Until a blonde leprechaun by the name of Niall Horan comes along. A ball of sunshine and kindness Niall attracts the attention of Mr. Bad Boy himself. We'll see how much of a bad boy Zayn really is. And if by some some miraculous way, Zayn will change.


8. Ch.7~Lovely Plans


Zayn's POV

What to do. What to to. To break blondie's heart.

He rejected my 'love' for him yesterday, smart move kid. But if I play this game right, in a few days I'll have him crying and begging at my feet. What a sight that'll be! But I need ideas right now to make him fall for me. Stupid romance, I'm not good with it, which is why I have Tomlinson for.

I reach out for my phone on the bedside table and dial his number. After three rings he answers groggily, must've been asleep. Well it is eleven thirty at night. 


"My house in ten." Is all I say then hang up.

He knows that he better be here in ten minutes or else. I love messing around with Tomlinson, it's funny how he reacts. His eyes get as big as golfballs, his face white and he flinches if I step towards him. It's never going to get old.

While waiting for him, I wonder what happened at school. I didn't show up today so Horan might feel guilty. He left me crying my eyes out after I almost kissed him! He should feel bad, that broke my heart. As if. Although I'm thankful that he did leave, I didn't want to kiss him but it's part of the game.

I stare lazily up at the ceiling for the remaining time until I hear soft knocking on my front door. Groaning, I get up and trod downstairs in my boxers, happy that I'm living by myself and not with my parents. Opening the door to Louis, I paste a fake lovey dovey expression on my face.

"Hey Lou! Come on in buddy!" Without waiting for his answer, I drag him up to my door excitedly.

After we're settled on the bed he raises an eyebrow "Ok Zayn. Spill it, what happened with Niall yesterday? Why weren't you at school today and remind me again why you live by yourself?"

I clench my fist from flying into his face at the demanding tone of his voice. Just because I'm being nice to him for this game doesn't fucking mean that he can talk to me like that! I'll get back at him once this is over. Swallowing my anger I answer as kindly as I can.

"Well first of, yesterday I talked to Niall about how I felt. He took it rather well, and he seems to understand me better than anyone else." Looking down I continue, fiddling with my fingers "It was going ok until I tried to kiss him. He had told me that he didn't feel the same way, but he wasn't sure. So I wanted to see if sparks would fly when we kissed...he stood up and ran off. "

"Oh my god! Zayn come here!" Louis wraps me in a hug at the sight of my tears, which are very useful. Rubbing my back and rocking me back and forth he asks gently "Is that why you didn't come to school today? Because you couldn't face him after what happened?"

I nod my head, trembling in his arms "Y-yeah. It would hurt too much Lou, to see the boy I love with all my heart, with someone that's not me. I would do anything for him, I would even try to change for him! Anything to feel loved by him.
And I live by myself because I wanted to be on my own. But now I regret it, I want my mum, my sisters and father here with me. But I can't have them now because they're in the USA. I miss them so much."

Making my bottom lip tremble for added effect, I gaze at Louis shortly before burying my face in his neck. 

We stay like that for a while. Me in Louis's arms, crying my eyes out. Him whispering comforting words into my ear while tracing circles on my back gently.

"Shhh, it'll be ok."

Come on Tomlinson! Just say it already, I'm almost out of fake tears!

"Hey! About I help you win his heart over?"


Sniffling, I look up at him through my lashes "Would you really help me?"

"Of course I will! Just be side we haven't been exactly friends in the past doesn't mean that I won't help you. You need me now and I would be a cruel person to not be here for you."

Silly boy. "Thanks Louis. What do you have in mind?"

Instantly he grins this creepy smile and I know that this game will be good. Louis whispers in my ear his ideas, now I know why he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.


In just a few short days, Niall will be at my feet.




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