Another Bad Boy Story (Ziall)

Zayn Malik. The name that every student in Bradford's Private School for The Artistically Talented fears. He's got the attitude. The looks. The money and yeah, he's also bi. He's the school's bad boy. Until a blonde leprechaun by the name of Niall Horan comes along. A ball of sunshine and kindness Niall attracts the attention of Mr. Bad Boy himself. We'll see how much of a bad boy Zayn really is. And if by some some miraculous way, Zayn will change.


6. Ch.5~I Love You

Zayn's POV


Peace and quiet.

No screaming weaklings. No girls crying begging to stay a bit longer with me because they love me. No Tomlinson pestering me about the gay kid. No stammering teachers trying to make me behave.

Just me, myself and I. And my cigar, leaning against the wall of a deserted hallway. 

I smile to myself thinking about how much fun I can have with the Irish boy. Hurting him physically isn't enough. No, that's not the type of pain I want him to feel. Emotional pain is what I'm looking forward to. Although, physical pain can be an added bonus that I can arrange.

Niall is so innocent and happy. Instead of the smiles and laughs, it'll be frowns and cries. And, according to Tommo, he's a virgin. Another thing for Niall to cry about. Would it be considered rape if he enjoys it? I don't think so.

I can't wait to start this game. But I need the twat to make the first move. According to Louis, some guy named Josh, sat with them at lunch. And told them about my rep. Which is just what I need. Joshie might get a future visit from me. 

And of course, innocent little Niall couldn't believe what Josh told them. He couldn't believe I was a heartless monster. Now I'm just waiting for him to show up.



* * *



Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a blonde head coming my way. Right on time.

"Is it true?"

I turn to face him, biting back a smile when I have to look down on him.

"What are you talking about?" I ask confused, well pretending to be.

"What Josh said." Niall replies frowning.

Looking at him, putting on a sad face I ask hesitantly "A-and what exactly did Josh say?"

His face softens up at the tone of my voice and leans next to me "He said that you bully people. You beat them up for no reason, and break the girls hearts. That you are planning something for both me and all that really true Zayn?"

While he's speaking, I slowly slide down the wall till I'm sitting down. I hide my face in my arms not wanting Niall to see my smirk, as he's now doing the same as me. May I say, I am a great actor. 

I feel him put an arm on my shoulder gently and ask "Zayn? You ok?"

I take a few seconds to make sure that a few fake tears are streaming down my face, then I look up to him "Niall, they don't know me. I don't enjoy hurting them at all. It makes me feel guilty knowing that I'm the reason that they cry."

"Then why do you do it?"

I tear up more "I-I don't know."

His arms wrap around me "Oh Zayn. I'm so sorry for believing Josh. I didn't know that you were confused. Do you wanna talk about it?" He offers.

I shake my head "Niall, you like guys right?"

Niall looks at me "Yeah, why?"

I force a blush to my cheeks as I gently cradle his face in my hands. The only thing in my mind is 'Ewww!' and my plan.

"Good, then this won't be awkward."

His face turns a dark red, eyes wide with confusion and fear "W-what are you doing zayn?"

I put a finger to his lips, silencing him and then whisper "I love you Niall."





Awww! Zayn loves niall! How cute is that?! XD what did you think? I love you all!!!

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