Another Bad Boy Story (Ziall)

Zayn Malik. The name that every student in Bradford's Private School for The Artistically Talented fears. He's got the attitude. The looks. The money and yeah, he's also bi. He's the school's bad boy. Until a blonde leprechaun by the name of Niall Horan comes along. A ball of sunshine and kindness Niall attracts the attention of Mr. Bad Boy himself. We'll see how much of a bad boy Zayn really is. And if by some some miraculous way, Zayn will change.


5. Ch.4~Is It True?



Niall's POV

"So, Zayn." Liam teases me, giving me a cheeky smile as we unpack my things.

 Sadly the school did not provide dormitories for its students, so we have to rent an apartment. We could've each gotten our own apartment, money is no biggie for us. But since we're best friends, we decided to share. We already finished unpacking the rest of our belongings, the only stuff left is my things.

 "What about him?" I ask curious as to why Liam would bring Zayn up.

 He just rolls his eyes at me "Do you like him?"

 I choke on my breath as soon as the words leave his mouth. What the hell?! After I regain my breathing I give him a look.

 "Liam, I don't like him. He's just...not what I'm looking for. Yeah sure he's good looking and all but I don't even know him." I explain putting my shirts away.

 "Are you sure?" Liam gives me a dubious glance "You still like boys don't you?"

 Oh that's what this is about. He wants to know if I'm over him.

 "Yeah I'm sure Li. I have no interest in him...but I still like guys." I tell him. 

"Whatever Ni. You so like him, don't worry I'm not offended that you got over me already." He smiles at me hesitantly. Poor Li, he's still not used to having his best friend crushing on him.

 "Ok maybe I do like Zayn just a tad bit. And I'm glad you aren't offended by the fact that I don't like you anymore Li. I guess it was just a crush, nothing permanent. Thanks for dealing with me during that time."

 Lies. Lies. Lies. I don't like Zayn. At all. He seems so full of himself. And I am not in any way over Liam.

 It's not a phase, I don't ever want to get past it, I feel so alive when I'm around him. So safe and secure. Even though he'll never love me back. But since he doesn't feel comfortable with my crush on him, then the least I can do is to pretend I'm crushing on Zayn. Which is the last I want to do but for Liam, I'll do anything.

 "Ni! Come on, we gotta go to lunch." Ah yes I forgot. We used out free period to unpack, now we have lunch. Yummy lunch.

 "Coming LiLi!" I shove the last pair of boxers in the drawer, shut it, and run ahead of Liam in the direction of the school.

 As we enter the school, we continue to get odd looks from the staff and students. What is up with them? Soon we end up getting lost. Again.

  "Uh Li? Where's the cafeteria?" I ask looking around at the now empty hallway.

 "I don't know Ni. Lets go ask someone." He suggest just as lost as I am.

 I snort "Great idea. If there were anyone here."

 I sigh sadly, no lunch for me today I guess.

 "Hey are you two lost?" A voice asks from in front of us.

 I look up to meet the eyes of a brown haired guy, wearing  what all the guys seem to be wearing here. Long, white, button up shirt with a black tie. Black jeans and dress shoes. And occasionally a black jacket or blazer. Is it a uniform?

 "Ah yeah." Liam replies sheepishly.

 Brown haired guy smiles understandingly "You two are the new guys then. Lunch time?" I nod vigorously and he chuckles "Come on then. Follow me, I'm headed there as well."

 We silently follow the guy to the cafeteria which is bigger than expected. It has twenty round tables, four rows and five columns. In the back is the lunch line, to the left is what I presume is a snack bar and to the right...dessert bar! I love this place already.

 I grab Liam's hand and rush to get in line, forgetting about our escort as soon as I see the pizza, chicken and brownies. I hear a chuckle coming from my right as I load my tray with pizza, fries, hot wings and three brownies along with a water bottle but I ignore it. It's yummy eating time. I pay for my food after Liam and we scout the room looking for an empty one. 

 Finally finding one in the far bottom right corner, we sit down and I dig in. We are going to be such loners. But I don't care. More Liam for myself.

 "Does he always eat like this?" Glancing up I see brown haired guy sitting with us, watching me with an amused expression.

 Liam answers with a nod and introduces us "I'm Liam Payne and this is Niall Horan."

 "I'm Josh Devine. Just wondering, why aren't you two wearing your uniforms?" Josh asks taking a bite of his pizza. Which by the way is delicious!
 I look at him frowning "We have to wear a uniform?"

 "Well yeah, that's the reason why all the boys wear this." He motions to his outfit.

 I look around to see he's right. The girls on the other hand are wearing the same top attire but with a black and white plaid skirt, knee-length white socks and black dress shoes. Uniforms he says?

 "Then how come Zayn wasn't wearing one?"

 At the mention of the name Josh tenses up looking at me alarmed "You met Zayn?"

 Tilting my head I shrug "Yeah, what's wrong with him?"

 "Stay away from him, that's all I have to say."

 "Why?" Liam intervenes looking worried.

 "He's just...not the friendly type." Seeing my confused look he continues "He's the bad boy of our school you might say. He bullies anyone he wants. In fact the only people he hasn't bullied are his followers. The boys he beats up, the girls he breaks their hearts. We don't know why he's like this though.
 The staff can't do anything about the beatings because of their policy. 'If we don't catch it, it didn't happen.' It's stupid really. 
 Zayn usually beats up the gay kids or those who are unfortunate enough to be in his way when he's in the mood."

 Could all that be true?

 "Who are his followers?" Liam asks now curious.

 Josh lowers his voice "Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Cher Lloyd and some girl that moved away. I can't tell you her name because she moved before I came here."

 Well if it is true, then it would be wise to avoid those people. But one thing is still bothering me.

 "Josh?" He gives me his attention "If he beats people up then how come he didn't beat me and Li up?"

 His brown eyes widen in shock and fear "He beats up the new kids every time, except if they're girls. He never skips that tradition of his. That could only mean that he's planning something worse for both of you."

 Oh God. What have we gotten ourselves into?



                       * * *



 I spot him leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette.

 I need to know the truth from him. It could all be a lie. I have to make sure Josh wasn't lying to me about Zayn's bad reputation. 

 I stand in front of Zayn looking into his eyes, which are a dark color.

 "Is it true?"



Sorry about the wait guys. But it's here now. Anyways what do you think Zayn's gonna tell him? Thank you for the support it means a lot. I love you all!

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