Catch me if you can

Since my mum and dad died last week in a car crash I've turned mad. Suicidal thoughts. Cutting myself. Not eating. No one notices how depressed I am. Except for my best friend Joe. He forces food down me, comforts me, looks after me 24/7. But when he leaves town , I feel as though my whole life comes crashing down but when I think it can't get any worse my whole life does come trashing down . Literally. When I'm at a party to help cheer me up, a man traps me in a room. Will Joe come back to save me?


1. Whittle away!

Since my mum and da died last week in a car crash,I've been here. Evergreen care home. Me and about 15 other kids. Being an only child would be paradise, well I was 2 weeks ago...

Pretending to help my careworker, Shelly, in the kitchen putting away the knives and forks from the dishwasher, I slyly slid a knife into my pocket. "Yaaaah" I fake-yawned " Wow, I'm really tired, would you mind if I had a little nap , Shelly." I asked.

" Of course not, sorry for slaving you away in the kitchen" said Shelly thinking nothing of it. I ran upstairs in an instant. I shut my bedroom door, sat on the edge of my rosé bed and pulled out the knife. I started peeling off my skin, whimpering in pain, grunting in effort. I heard the front door shut and murmurs. Oh well, better get this over and done  with. I started cutting harder. Until my bedroom door flung open." Hannah, what are you doing, trying to kill yourself?" My best friend, Joe, asked jokily, but he knew what I was doing. He knew me too well. We'd been best friends since nursery. He was the only one who could help me cope with my parents dying. "I got you a chicken and bacon sandwich, your favourite." He said pleadingly. Correction, was my favourite ,I thought,

"No thanks" I replied. Joe sighed and walked back out my room. He stomped downstairs. "I offered her a chicken and bacon sandwich, they used to be her favourite before, before..." I heard him mutter to Shelly . I moved closer to the stairs. What was he? Shelly's little detective? Not on my watch. "I can look after myself, thank you very much" I bellowed" I don't need HIM spying on me." I thundered out the door and ran to the little park round the corner. I stroked the old, wooden seats on the swings. My parents used to take me here ALL the time, pushing me sky high on the swings.

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