Catch me if you can

Since my mum and dad died last week in a car crash I've turned mad. Suicidal thoughts. Cutting myself. Not eating. No one notices how depressed I am. Except for my best friend Joe. He forces food down me, comforts me, looks after me 24/7. But when he leaves town , I feel as though my whole life comes crashing down but when I think it can't get any worse my whole life does come trashing down . Literally. When I'm at a party to help cheer me up, a man traps me in a room. Will Joe come back to save me?


2. The park

I started swinging as high as I could but for some reason it didn't feel as fun. Maybe because my parents weren't there. Why did you have to die? Was it my fault? I thought hard about what happened...

i was watching telly in the living room when my parents walked in. "Hi honey , were just popping to tescos  to do the food shopping . Wanna come?" My mum asked smiling brightly.

 Mum always looked nice. She had long blonde wavy hair which she normally tied up or twisted into a plait. She baked the most beautiful and succulent  muffins. One day , her work office got shut down so after that she just lazed around all day in our house doing nothing. Until one weekend we had nothing to do so I looked on the Internet for some cake recipes and wel,l it all took off from there. 

And dad , well dad was the sweetest man on earth. He joked around all the time, acted like I was his baby and got me everything I wanted. I was his precious, his princess,  his chubba bubba . He would never do anything to hurt anyone. He loved mum more than the world too and he was overwhelmed when I was born. Such a shame! Anyway, on with what happened ...

" No, thanks. I haven't seen this Jessie."( I know , I know. I'm 14 but it's just so funny!) I replied taking what I had for granted

" Ok then, sweetie, we'll be about an hour, see you soon. Love ya!" Mum waved and walked out. I heard the front door shut. The engine growl and a zoom as they drove off.

 Of course , now you think it had nothing to do with me but there's more. 

Then mum came back in the house "Babe, we feel wrong leaving you here." 

"Mum, go now . Honestly , I'm fine. Gosh , stop fussing !" I moaned. 

" Okay , okay. Bye!" Mum sighed. She went back out the door and jumped back in the car. Dad started reversing, then stopped. They signalled at me to come with them but I waved , telling them to go. They were so focused on me , that when they pulled out, they didn't look behind. A car came zooming down the road. 

A squeal of brakes.

 A scream. A shout .


 Now you know how my parents died. Actually, let me re-phrase that.

 Now you know how I killed my parents.

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