Catch me if you can

Since my mum and dad died last week in a car crash I've turned mad. Suicidal thoughts. Cutting myself. Not eating. No one notices how depressed I am. Except for my best friend Joe. He forces food down me, comforts me, looks after me 24/7. But when he leaves town , I feel as though my whole life comes crashing down but when I think it can't get any worse my whole life does come trashing down . Literally. When I'm at a party to help cheer me up, a man traps me in a room. Will Joe come back to save me?


3. crazy

I know you must think I am crazy thinking I killed my parents.  It is true though.  I did kill my parents. Well kind of. Ok sort of.I was just too busy watching Jessie. I know it was my favourite show and that I was 14 so I could stay on my own but  If I said I would come with them it would have been a whole different case and the crash might have not happened. Just think what could have happened if I went with them to go shopping…

“Darling do you want to go out with us. We are going to tescos to get some shopping,” my mum wy ould say.

“Ok, let me just record this episode of Jessie. It is one of the ones I haven’t watched before. I’ll just record it on the sky + box,” I would say.

I would go to get the remote put it on record. Then I would get my coat and go in the car. My dad would drive up the road and when we got to were the car hit them I would see it and shout.

“Caaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr,” I would shout.

My parents would see it, park to the side and then they would have not got hit. So if you think about it… It was my fault.

 I walked from the swings to the pond I went to when I was a kid. My parents would bring some bread to feed the ducks. I lived on a farm with my mum and dad so we went to the park as I had no playground. I looked at the pond and sat on the bench. Someone had left some bread there. I thought while I was there I would feed the ducks. I picked the bread up and put it into little pieces but I didn’t enjoy that. I fed the ducks but I was still sad. Oh parents why did you die? Though you already know the answer to that. I just sat there feeding the ducks thinking about doing this with my parents.

Then someone went behind me and asked me a question.

“Guess who,” he said.

“I don’t know,” I sighed.

I turned around to see it was Joe behind me. I didn’t know how he got me or how he found me.

“Joe why are you here. Just to tell Shelly how I am,” I said.

“No, it wasn’t like that. Shelly just wanted to see how you were and you never answered her. She knows how hard it is to have your parents die and I know to,” said Joe.

“No you don’t. You will never know,” I said.

“I do know. When I was growing up my mum went on a car journey to work and was in a car crash. I went to the hospital only to find out she was dead. I do know what you are going through and you should let me help you,” said Joe.

My best friend had been keeping that bottled up for ages. I never had a clue. He never talked about why I never see his mum any more. He just shrugged at me. I just thought his parents had divorced and his dad had got custody of him. I should have known.

“I am sorry to hear that. How about we go to the top of the hill. That will take your mind of things,” I said.

“Ok, do you want some of this ham sandwich?” asked Joe.

“Ok,” I said.

Joe was sweet. The only friend I had. We went to the top of the hill and it was quite romantic. We sat at the bench on the top.

“I never knew how much your eyes sparkle till now,” said Joe.

We walked to where we could see the whole park. The beautiful river glowed. Joe came up to me and tried to kiss me. Then I kissed him back. That was the first moment I enjoyed since my parents died.

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