Catch me if you can

Since my mum and dad died last week in a car crash I've turned mad. Suicidal thoughts. Cutting myself. Not eating. No one notices how depressed I am. Except for my best friend Joe. He forces food down me, comforts me, looks after me 24/7. But when he leaves town , I feel as though my whole life comes crashing down but when I think it can't get any worse my whole life does come trashing down . Literally. When I'm at a party to help cheer me up, a man traps me in a room. Will Joe come back to save me?


4. Cara

Ever since joe kissed me , I've felt like a completely different person! I can feel like I can finally forget about my parents and have fun for once! Me and Joe have been on regular dates, were now officially a couple! I can't help thinking its all gone a bit quick. Well, if you count 13 years as quick. Ever since we were little, I've felt that spark , some chemistry. I can't believe Joes my boyfriend. Sorry about me waffling on but it's just WOW! 

Joe is well, as people say , hot . All the girls love him but he's only had enough time for one girl in his life;me. His best east friend. I sighed dreamily. I turned around in my bed. 8:00A.M!!!  I was going to be late for school! I washed, chucked on my school clothes, fiddled with my tie, grabbed a banana and stormed out the door. Running , wildly to school, I finally reached the dull,grey school gates. I ran in to find my headmistress standing before me. Beside her was a girl with wavy, blonde hair with an electric blue streak down it. Her her was fiercely tied up in a high pony. She looked like a girl that you wouldn't want to mess with. Her skirt was well, a VERY VERY short skirt which showed off her long , tanned legs. Her lips were pressed into a smile. Her eyes were the deepest blue with darker blues round the edges. She was GORGEUOS! 

" Thompson! Where were you?! Anyway, here's the new girl, Cara. Your going to show her round and be her buddy. Now, she's in the same classes as you. Speaking if classes , you'd better hurry along to your class now girls! Cara, Hope you enjoy it here at Weston Secondary school!" My headmistress , Mrs Clark chirped. Me I know why Cara was smiling. I'm guessing , she's not as nice as she looks.

"Gosh, what a cow! She's harsh! Wouldn't want to get on the wrong if her!" She  exclaimed as soon as we got out of earshot of Mrs Clark. 

"You've only just met her! Anyway, you're new, you shouldn't be saying things like that about her!" I said.

" So what? She's a bitch anyway!" She shouted, keeping her voice down.

"You know what?! You're new and she's your headteacher, give her some respect! So why don't you just shut your big,fat , gob!" I bellowed. I turned round to see 30 other people gawping at me, wide-eyed. I must of opened the door!

"Llayla Thompson!" My teacher, Miss Burke shouted , veins bulging out of her head in fury, " How dare you speak to a new student like that!" Cara stared at me innocently, blinking unbelievably. 


I'm now sitting her, in the office , waiting for my headmistress to call me in. After I had opened the door and Miss Burke went berserk (hah, see what I did there?!) , I got marched her, waiting patiently for Mrs Clark. Teachers! Catch me on a bad day, and I get sent to the headteachers office but when teachers are having a bad day and shout at us, do they get send to the boss. NO! So why should we? A little cough interrupted the debate in my head. "Llayla Thompson? If you'd like to go thought to Mrs Clarks office." The receptionist , Sarah , called.

 I stood up, nervously. I shuffled into Mrs Clark's office. It was chocolate brown walls with a dusty brown carpet. She as a glossy brown, wooden desk .  Picture frames sit on top of it , inside the frames there a  pictures of a little girl. In one of them a little girl is in a pink, puffy ballet tutu bending over , smiling cheekily at the camera. In another , the same girl s older, about 10 , on a pair of roller skates . She's sitting on the floor, she must of fallen over. Her arms are crossed and she's glaring, angrily. In the last one there's a postcard dated 30/8/2006. Mrs Clark held that postcard in her shaky hands. "This was sent from my daughter, Mary, she went to travel the world with her boyfriend at the age of 15 , sent me this postcard from Kenya, the first postcard se sent but also the last." Mrs Clark whispered, tearfully. "It's her 23rd birthday today , you know I haven't seen her since she left. The police told me she got involved in some dodgy business, drugs, alcohol. She was a cheeky madam, she was! She caused trouble in class, was rude to her teachers, but most of all me and her dad. It all started when my other son, Ryan, died in a car crash, she became depressed, trying to kill herself, did dangerous things. I blame the boy but it's no ones fault but hers." Mrs Clark muttered sadly. 

So Mrs Clarks daughter does these things too! My stomach churned. But I didn't want to be involved in drugs! My stomach gurgled. When did I sat eat? I blinked and saw double of the room , then it started spinning, everything went dark. I blackened out. 



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