The Horrors Of The Haunted House.

A Dare Is A Dare,but in this case, it takes Violet's life.

Violet is trusted by her parents while they are out of town for a few days,to keep herself safe. Along with her,she has her two best friends,Hazel & Fern to stay with her. This story explores the dangers of dares,especially towards the curious people. A Dare lead her to her death..all because of the fact she didn't want to come across as a wimp.

A Dare...An Old Myth..Ghosts..Death. What else could possibly go wrong?


2. The Old Clayton House.



The Clayton house was a old local legend. It was said,many years ago that the owner of the house went mad,killing his wife and then himself. They were now there as ghosts and you'd be unlucky to pass them. This was a myth but so many generations have gone past but even today some people believe it. Over the years,the house had been locked up,iron gates put around it to stop people from going in. Instead of the gates stopping people from going in,they were challenging people to come in. People would go in there for dares or mainly sheer curiosity. This wasn't why the gates were put up,they were there because over the years people that had gone inside never came out. It was like they disappeared completely.

Oh Come On! You aren't scared are you?” Hazel teased.

Easy for you to say”I growled. Can’t you dare me something else?”

No” Fern said eagerly.”You agreed that you would do it,no matter what. Just because today is the anniversary of Clayton and his wife's murder,doesn't mean anything.”

She sounded as if she was casually talking about the weather. She was right though.

If you don't want to,we could always switch to truth?” Hazel added.

Anger flashed inside me,making my decision for me. “No,of course not. I'm doing the dare.” I said sounding more confident than I was. Listening to their gasps of shock,I started walking towards the Clayton house,dread filling my every step. Suddenly,a group of bats screeched and flew out of the house's chimney;there was a distant howl from a wolf and then the night was silent..deadly silent. The house loomed across a huge front garden,the iron gate was the only barrier between me and hell.


The door was worn out,the paint peeling away. Window sills were broken;the garden was overgrown and in the dark the shadows made the house seem more eerie. The floorboards on which I was standing were creaking at every step I took. I wanted to get this over and done with. I broke into a run and turned the doorknob frantically. The door creaked open loudly and I tumbled inside. The silence was deafening. I looked down the dim hallway in which I could see a few doors leading to rooms.


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