The Horrors Of The Haunted House.

A Dare Is A Dare,but in this case, it takes Violet's life.

Violet is trusted by her parents while they are out of town for a few days,to keep herself safe. Along with her,she has her two best friends,Hazel & Fern to stay with her. This story explores the dangers of dares,especially towards the curious people. A Dare lead her to her death..all because of the fact she didn't want to come across as a wimp.

A Dare...An Old Myth..Ghosts..Death. What else could possibly go wrong?


4. The Needless Death.


The girl with red hair was back. I asked her who she was. “I'm no-one but I'm here to help”

She told me her story and how she was here. She had come here for a dare like me in 1993 and was murdered at around 3am by the monster who had grabbed me. She said that she and the other girls try to help everyone who gets stuck here to escape but in the end there is no escape. She told me she was a ghost and the monster was Mr Clayton,the owner of the house. As soon as she finished her story the piano started playing by itself, she told me it was to indicate that he was coming. She vanished soon after she told me too hide in the pantry. A thought flashed through my head,all the rumours had been true then people didn't disappear but they were killed. In the middle of the stairs my foot landed on a broken step and I fell. I landed and heard a loud snap. Pain flared in my left leg and I knew it was broken. I rolled over and saw... girls lying everywhere with their heads twisted at odd angles and vacant eyes. They were all dead. The image of the bodies burned into my soul. Was that my fate?

I wondered if they were here for the same reason as me, because of a stupid dare.

Violet!” My name. Was I hearing things? “Violet,are you in there? We can't open the door!”

Hazel and Fern!

Mr Clayton turned,distracted by the voice. I took my chance and limped as fast as I could to the front door. “Help me!Get me out!”I yelled,pounding on the door.

What's happening,Violet?” Hazel and Fern both yelled. Before I could say anything else, hands yanked my hair and I felt my body being dragged away from my escape. I was in the basement now with the girl with red hair and all the others girls' ghosts. “It's time.” she whispered sadly,pain flooding her eyes. Mr Clayton stood above me and I knew it was the end for me. I don't know what Hazel and Fern will say to my parents and what they will do. I just kept looking at the other ghosts,seeing the finality in their eyes. In the end she had been right. The weapon he was holding above me,was covered in blood and in a split second it came whooshing down. My last thought was one of despair.

                                                                          ~There is no escape.

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