The Horrors Of The Haunted House.

A Dare Is A Dare,but in this case, it takes Violet's life.

Violet is trusted by her parents while they are out of town for a few days,to keep herself safe. Along with her,she has her two best friends,Hazel & Fern to stay with her. This story explores the dangers of dares,especially towards the curious people. A Dare lead her to her death..all because of the fact she didn't want to come across as a wimp.

A Dare...An Old Myth..Ghosts..Death. What else could possibly go wrong?


3. The Mysterious Girl.


Outside the light of the moon was as bright as the sun but no light was coming through the broken windows. I walked through an archway into the nearest room and stood in a corner. Time went by slowly and then it struck midnight. The air in the room suddenly grew icy and my breath started fogging. I knew this wasn't a good sign.


Turning slowly, I saw a young girl with long red hair standing by the door watching me. Her clothes were filthy and covered with blood. I just stood there,frozen with fear. She then stepped into the room hesitantly before whispering fiercely,sending chills down my spine.

You need to leave. Get out now!” I didn't need to be told again.

As she stepped closer, into the faint light.. I saw it. There was a hole in the centre of her chest,dripping with blood. I screamed.


Racing past her,I ran to the front door and pulled on the doorknob. It wouldn't open. The glass panes on the door refused to shatter when I smashed them with a fire poker that was on the floor.

It's too late” she said softly. “ He knows you're here,there's no escape now. He kills every unlucky soul that steps into his house.” Then she vanished. I ran with fear to the nearest room and hid. My body was cramped in a small space but I had to endure it. Then I heard it. A soft sigh.

The cupboard door tore off its hinges and hands grabbed me. I fought against him but he was too strong. I was looking into the eyes of a monster. His eyes were a dark yellow and his hair was matted in clumps around his neck. His skin was sunken and his clothes were covered in nothing but dirt. I swung the poker at him,screaming. I opened my eyes and saw he was gone.


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