The Outcast

Justin Drew Bieber is not your regular teen. He is what people call a freak, and an emo. He meets Taylor Lautner in a grocery store and he sets out to find out who he really is, and what he has become...


1. Prologue

He was different than everyone else. While everyone obsessed over drugs and sports, he's the one up in the trees. While everyone was hooking up, he was single. While everyone was growing up, he wasn't.


We're not talking about that Peter Pan shit, we're talking about the maturing and social type of growing up. He never talked to anybody at school or in public unless they were family. Well, his grandma. His mother died at giving birth, so he never met her. His dad was in jail since he was 3, so he doesn't remember him. Now, this boy is 19.


This boy does have a name. It is whispered in the streets of the small town of Stratford, Ontario Canada. No one calls him by his name, they just call him with a greeting. There's nothing scary about it, he just scares them.


He's Justin Bieber.


Everyone has a label at Stratford High. Jock, Popular, Nerdy, Hot, Ugly, Anorexic, Fat, you get the picture. But Justin earned a label that no other previous student has ever gotten before: The Outcast. It wasn't just a label, it was his personality. He didn't care that it was meant to be an insult, he accepted it. Justin knew that it was who he was.


Throughout his life Justin had dealt with bullies, but always ignored them like they weren't even there. But he heard everything. It was locked in his mind like a safe.


Bullies aren't his only problem. He has a long list of fears. You won't list all of them, you'll list Everything. Justin just doesn't want to do with anything or anybody.


He's an outcast, what do you expect?

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