The Outcast

Justin Drew Bieber is not your regular teen. He is what people call a freak, and an emo. He meets Taylor Lautner in a grocery store and he sets out to find out who he really is, and what he has become...


2. Chapter 1

"Justin, it's time to wake up," his grandmother told him softly. He looked up at her and sighed. "I made pancakes this morning," she said, "the ones with the chocolate chips." Justin threw the blanket off of him and walked down the stairs. He grabbed his plate and walked back up the stairs into his room.


Justin put on a black and white plaid V neck and he put on a leather jacket that he always wore. He slipped on a pair of black skinny jeans and grey converse. He combed his soft brown hair, scooped up his backpack, and opened his bedroom window. Without saying goodbye, he slid down the roof, landed in his yard, jumped over the fence, and headed to school.


The roads were damp and the sky was grey. Justin looked up at the sky and watched a flock of birds flying above him. Then, he wondered what it would be like to be a bird, being able to fly anywhere you want and be free. He wanted to get out of the hellhole he lives in. 


As soon as Justin arrived at school, he groaned and felt like he was gonna punch somebody. There were the popular boys and girls hanging out together, laughing and talking. Everyone around him was socializing. Makes me sick, he thought, to have friends. Justin ran away from them and hid in his hiding place, which was up in a tree.


It was his escape to get away from everything. His fears, people, everything. Justin disliked everything that involves socializing. He hates everyone.


Everryone rushed to their classes and Justin entered his English class. One girl tripped him and he fell on his face, his books scattering everywhere. The class bursted into outrageous laughter. "Get up! Stop fooling around Mr. Bieber!" the English teacher said. Justin gathered his stuff and sat in the very back. He didn't pay attention to what the teacher was saying, he was focused on his thoughts. He thought of a world of his own. No school, no people, just him and the world. It had an unlimited supply of food, and when he wanted to go somewhere far, he could just spread his arms and fly away. It always rained in his world. Not the dainty mist, the pouring rain.


The second bell rang and he began to freak out silently. The next class was gym class. Justin remembered to stick to his plan: Take a "long break" in the bathroom. As soon as everyone headed to the gym, he took a turn to the boys' bathroom. Justin hid in the stall at the very end where no one would find him. He placed his feet on the toilet seat and waited.


Time seemed to drag while he was in there. Minutes seemed like hours. Finally, the next bell rang and he decided to cut school for the rest of the day. He's had enough already. As soon as he headed towards the exit, he pushed open the back door, popped his hood over his head, and ran home.


It was raining outside, the raindrops pounding on the streets. Thunder clapped softly in the distance and lightning struck the sky with pink ribbons of light. Justin found himself in a big open field, filled with tall, dry grass. He happily ran out to it and cherished the moment. Lightning struck the far end of the field and lit a fire. "Shit!" he hissed, running away.


His house was just down the road and when he looked back, there were clouds of black smoke rising in the sky. How is the rain not putting it out? he wondered. Justin shrugged it off and began walking back home.


Justin slowly and quietly opened the front door to his house and checked the living room couch to see if his grandmother was asleep. She was, so he headed up the stairs, into his room, and took a nap.

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