purple and green

an exchange student arives and magic stirs as her secret is revealed

I own nothing! im not JK.Rowling (unfortunatly) i only own the plot


6. Wedding time

The next 2 days were spent in a mad panic getting everything ready for the wedding of Zoe and Draco, it was to take place in the Great Hall, Dumbledore was to marry the couple. An excited buzz slowly moved across the Great Hall on the morning of Zoe's wedding, it was to take place in the evening and so the couple wern't allowed to have breakfast together. Draco and Blaise had gone to the kitchens to eat whereas Hermione and Zoe had walked into the Great Hall to see Narcissa in deep conversation with Madam Pomfrey who was holding a colour chart up. The news of the wedding had excited many people as it would be an excuse for the girls to dress up really prettily, Dumbledore had taken advantage of this and had turned it into a dance. The party after the wedding would be a disco like at the end of the yuleball, The Weird Sisters were making an appearance and everyone was excitedly chatting about their dresses and who had asked them as their dates. Blaise had asked Hermione as he had a bit of a thing for her and it was about time that he told her, as they were sharing a room. Blaise and Draco had just walked up the Grand staircase when Draco had a sudden heart stopping thought "Blaise!"

"What man what?"

"i havent asked Zoe to the dance!"

"Dude your getting married"

"So i need to ask her...lend me that thing you talk into"

"a phone?"

"No that muggle contraption you and Granger so frequently talk on"

"a mobile"

"That's it! let me borrow it!"

Blaise handed Draco the phone who was atempting to turn on

"No look your going to break it, here let me call Hermione and she can pass you over...Hey Mia, listen Draco needs to talk to Zoe"

"tell her its urgent...ITS URGENT" he shouted down the phone

"Sorry can you pass her over...Cheers"

Blaise passed the phone over to Draco

"Hello Zoe? CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

"Draco, babe why are you shouting, i can here you"

"wow this machine is amazing, i can here you perfectly and yet your not here. Really Blaise you need to get me one of these"

"Draco what do you want"

"i had a sudden thought,  i dont want anyone else to ask"

"Draco what are you talking about?"

"Well will you go to the Ball with me?"

"Draco baby, i'd love to go to the Ball with you"

"Good just making sure nobody else asks you"

"Okay is that it can i go?"

"go where?"

"off the phone Draco"

"oh yeah, ill pass it back to Blaise"

"okay, i love you"

"i love you too"

"Blaise can you finish it, or what ever its called hang over" Draco asked Blaise

"Hang up...yes, bye Zoe"

"Bye blaise" Zoe said

Blaise put the phone into his pocket and the pair carried on walking up the stairs to the dormitory.


The sun started to set as Hermione and Zoe walked down the Great Staircase and into the Great Hall. The tables had been magiclly replaced with rows upon rows of wooden chairs drapped in light purple and green cloths. Down the middle of the Hall was a Isle where Zoe would soon walk down Blaise took her arm and Hemrione took her train. Her dress was white and complimented her beautiful curves the train was long and covered in lace. The doors to the Great Hall were opened and Zoe could see Draco stood at the end of the Hall as his best man led his wife to be down the isle. as she got to the end Blaise took her hand and kissed it and handed it to Draco. "Now i would like to welcome you all to the bringing together of Zoe and Draco, if anybody knows of any reason why these two people should not be joined in marrige, please speak now" Silence fell on the hall and then Everyone broke out in a massive cheer and a round of wolf whistles Narcissa and Madam Pomfrey were crying into hankies on the front row, Hermione was stood next to Blaise who had a tear falling out of his eye

"Now Zoe do you take Draco to be yours, to love him and cherish him for as long as you both will live?"

"i do"

"and do you Draco take Zoe to be you--"

"I DO"

"well by the power of the ministry and the Wizengamot i pronounce you Husband and Wife, you may kiss your wife"


Draco lifted Zoe's veil slowly and carefully, as her face was revealed he smiled, he pulled her body closer to him and kissed her very gently.

"this has been the best 7 days of my life" said Zoe

"i love you"

"forever and ever?" zoe asked


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