purple and green

an exchange student arives and magic stirs as her secret is revealed

I own nothing! im not JK.Rowling (unfortunatly) i only own the plot


4. Questions and Answers

Draco helped Zoe into a seat infront of Proffesor Dumbledores large gold desk Dumbledore was sat behing the desk with his wire-rimmed spectacles placed on the end of his nose. After everyone had taken their seats Dumbledore began to speak "Right now i'm sure Zoe and Draco understand what have happened but im going to start by explaining what happened to Hermione and Blaise. You see Zoe and Draco are Veela's. The Veela are a race of semi-human, semi-magical hominids, it is very unusual to have a male Veela and even more unusual for a Veela to imprint on a fellow Veela"

"Sir what do you mean imprint?" Blaise asked

"When a Veela meets their match they become so attracted to them that they send an electric current into their chosen's body, normally this would just connect them together but when Draco imprinted on Zoe they boht fell unconcious and have seemed to be connected not just by mind but by spirit aswell2 he said indicating thier wrists

"So what does that mean?" Draco asked

"well im sure you understand that when you imprint on someone you are bound to that person until you either die or the chosen one has lets say 'mated' or fallen for somebody else, well it would seem that you not only imprinted on Zoe but performed an acient bonding ritual called corda implicuitque which means...when you sent the electrical current into Zoe you entwined your spirits together, bounding each of you together"

"so what we're married?"

"it's not that simple mr. Malfoy, i dont think your married as much as souly bonded, the marks on your wrists implicate that some sort of wedding ritual has been performed"

"But sir I didnt imprint on Draco, so what happens when i imprint on my chosen one?" Zoe asked

"Oh of course my dear, you see as this bonding ritual has happened i dont think you will imprint on 'your' chosen one"

"But every Veela inprints on someone" Zoe said

"oh i know that my dear, but as Draco entwined you both together, it is more than likely that you will imprint on Draco"

"sir isnt their a way to reverse the imprintation?" Hermione asked

"it's impossible, once a Veela imprints its bound to that person, and will go as far as to die to get that person" Draco answered before Dumbledore

" But surely there is somthing you can do?"

"No Blaise you know fully well there isnt, My mother imprinted on my father, and so their minds were conected and this connection was broken when he left us! It's the same for every Veela, that at some point their chosen one will leave them because they have fallen in love, thats why not many veela's reproduce"

"Ahh yes Draco but in this situation there a two veela's and so you will most likely reproduce" Dumbledore said

"But sir every Veela is only half, what will the offspring of two Veela's be?"

"That we will only know when the time comes" 

Draco turned to look at Zoe "So i guess your stuck with me" he said grinning apologeticly

"i'm sure i'll cope"


"well for the safety of the other students Draco and Zoe i shall move you into Hermione and Blaise's dormitory, you shall share a room as you are souly bonded it cant do more damage to sleep together now i shall get a house elf or five to move your belongings into the domitory, and im sure Blaise and Hemrione can show you where it is located, now off you go and get some rest and ill see you at breakfast tomorrow"

"good night proffesor, the four of them said as they left his office,


Dear Diary

The strangest thing has happened, I met a male Veela, and not only that but he imprinted on me, the headmaster has been ever so nice and explained to us that me and Draochave been bonded by an acient bonding ritual that happened when Draco imprinted i never expected this to happen, Grandmother told me that its usually years before a Veela imprints. Dumbledore also said that there has never been  a male Veela, and that when we reproduce our offspring will be full Veela, Grandmother said that a half Veela is dangerous when angry so im scared at what a Full Veela will do when its angry, anyway, so ive moved out of the Gryffindor dormitory and now me and Draco share a dormitory with Hermione and Blaise, i havent had a chance to explore the castle as ive spent most of my time in the hospital wing, maybe ill get that chance tomorrow


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